Whatever Happaned to Sunday Dinners : The General, Mihl & a Monday suggestion (if I may…)

Before we get all food p*rny, I’d first like to apologize to Mihl of Seitan is My Motor. She is beautiful, talented, makes the most amazing cookies ever and shares delightful German recipes and cultural tidbits. Reading her blog is like taking a little trip to Dresden, and if you haven’t been over there lately, you should!



Why am I saying I’m sorry? Mihl so sweetly sent me super-delicious vegan Gummy Bears and an adorable handmade card decked out with origami animals and despite my best intentions, I inadvertently left her out of my Happy Mail round-up. I officially suck and will hang my head in shame as I compose the rest of this post

It’s almost Mardi Gras!!! Wooot! Here in France we don’t get as crazy-wild-fun as does our friend Kittee (I can’t wait to see pictures of her in her costume!), but it does mean crêpes! Love it! But wait, mardi is Tuesday…whatever will we eat on Monday? May I suggest you make yourself some extraordinary New Orleans Style Red Beans? I made these last Monday and good grief did my house smell amazing all morning while those beans were simmering!


Delicious, simple beany goodness served over a mix of wheat berries, wild rice and whole white rice. Leftovers were enjoyed rolled up in tortillas. So easy, so nutritious and so affordable!

And now on to Sunday Dinner, which is brought to you today by the letter “K” as in Krys of Two Vegan Boys. She served up some General Tao’s Tofu the other day and it got me craving take out Chinese again (what is up with that?). The recipe is here though I just used it as a guideline : I doubled the sauce, played with the spices a little, cursed the fridge gods for not having any peppers or green onions, and thanked them for the broccoli, mushrooms, green beans, cauliflower and carrots I did have. Oh yum. Thanks for the inspiration, Krys!


This was the first time I dipped tofu in an egg replacer before giving it a good cornstartch coat. I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure if it was necessary. I think just giving it a little dip in some non-dairy milk or even just a smidge of water would have worked fine. Just sayin’.

15 thoughts on “Whatever Happaned to Sunday Dinners : The General, Mihl & a Monday suggestion (if I may…)

  1. The beans and rice mix are making me terribly hungry, they look perfect together. I don’t dip my tofu in anything before I coat it in cornstarch to fry and it still gets quite a lot of coating.

  2. Mihl’s blog is pure greatness! Everything about it is awesome, from the food to all the info she shares about German traditions. I love that lazy bear on that Gummy Bear bag!

    Awesome tofu goodness! And Kittee’s outfit rocks!

  3. i saw Krys’ yummy tofus and thought we should make them, too! now i know we’ve got to! your look awesome, Shelly!

    i’d also like to add in a hooray for Mihl! i just love her blog (have you seen the jelly filled donuts she just made!?!) & that’s so awesome that she sent you vegan gummies! superjealousface!

    i think i need to try out some of kittee’s red beans, and give wheat berries a try some day soon, too! sooo much deliciousness! nice!

  4. I saw Krys’ post about General Tao’s Tofu and was planning on making it this week. I was wondering about using the egg replacer and if it was necessary. Both dishes look fabulous!

  5. What a cute card! Mihl’s so great. I’ve never been to Dresden, but she certainly makes me want to go! And what beautiful tofu! That’s definitely a good Sunday dinner 🙂

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