W.I.P. Wednesday : Felty Heart Pins, Pin Cushions & Stitch-Along Progress


Hello Crafties! It’s already Wednesday, can you believe it? I am losing the battle to stay on top of things, so I’ve decided to stop fighting and just be like water and flow! Woosh!


Have you seen this Valentine Pins tutorial? I’ve been making tons of these cuties. Most everyone I would usually make sweet heart-shaped sugar cookies for is watching their weight, so rather than taunt them with pink royal icing and cookie love I think I’ll give them some sweet (and calorie-free) crafty love instead. These are really easy and fun, and gratifying for those moments when you feel like you want to complete a project. Of course I don’t know what that’s all about…

One thing that’s been occupying my time has been these :






These pin cushions are really fun to make, and a wonderful way to use those favourite fabric scraps that are too cute to end up into the “scrap bag”. I’m also really loving the unique vibe they each have, which is why I love giving them as little gifts. No two look alike, though they may share similar DNA. Or weave. Whatever.

I’ve been so busy playing making the cushions o’ pins, that my Love Bear progress, well, isn’t. Progressing I mean. I’m down to the wire with my last one (ie: it’s hardly started) so if you’re not quite done, you’re in good company. But hey, Valentine’s Day is Saturday, and it’s only Wednesday, so there’s still tons of time left to get stitching, right? If you’ve been stitching along with us and would like to have your little Love Bear included in the W.I.P. Stitch-Along round-up on the 14th, just drop me a line with a link to your blog, your blog name and a photo! Voila!

I’m super excited about next week’s W.I.P. post because it’s a fun tutorial that I can’t wait to share with you! I just need to be patient and hold tight until these three P.I.F. winners receive their goody bags. Don’t want to spill the beans or anything. (Katie and Trina, once you’ve chosen your P.I.F. winners I’ll send you some goodies, too!). And I’ll be having yet another P.I.F. drawing soon because I am a lucky ducky and won yet another P.I.F. drawing! Betcha can’t wait?!?

The Wipster List is growing! If you’d like to play along, just leave me a comment here and snag yourself a beautiful logo à la VeganLovlie. Also, don’t forget about our W.I.P. Wednesday Flickr Group – show us your gorgeous masterpieces! You know you want to! Don’t be shy, this is fun for everyone!

29 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday : Felty Heart Pins, Pin Cushions & Stitch-Along Progress

  1. oooooooooooh – i can’t wait for next week’s W.I.P.! yay! and oh my word, Shelly – those pins are the most adorable things ever! i super love them! hooray for more cushions o’ pins, too! wahooooooooooo! crafty awesomeness! yay!

  2. super cute pins! and pin cushions! i don’t know where you find the time, shelly 🙂 tomorrow will be my first chance to go to the craft store since the lovebear post, so i think i’m gonna pick up the stuff for it and just have it be made after vday… it’s still so cute, i think, for year round!

  3. I was thinking of you last night when I went into my attic to gather my patterns and craft books from as far back as 1985!!! I haven’t done much in the last 15 years (since I have been working in the “real” world) but last night I started my first project for pay it forward! I want to tell you that you inspired me to think about getting my things back out! THANK YOU!

  4. these are fantastic…
    i have sewy projects i am working on too, but i have not uploaded pictures for it just yet…so i put up some computer art for my WIP…
    great idea….
    thanks for sharing the brilliance…

  5. How funny about the no-calorie valentine hearts! They are so cute! And I love the pincushions.

    And I can’t wait for the tutorial! You are really on top of your game.. I haven’t even thought about my PIF gifts yet. Soon, very soon.

    I’m planning on posting my love bear tonight..

  6. *squeals with excitement!!!*

    I will check my post box EVERY day!!
    I LOVE those felt pins – they are so cute and the pin cushions are awesome too. I like sticking pins in things.

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