The unbearable deliciousness of Marmite Biscuits (Crackers)


Like many of you, my first Marmite experience was rather brutal : I’d heard Marmite and Vegemite mentioned before here and there, but I had no idea what it tasted like. I was 16, and visiting England for the very first time.

Gullible, trusting and rather naive, I allowed myself to be seduced by the groans of pleasure coming from the 6 and 9-year-old children who were seated near me at the kitchen table, as the bit into their Marmite and cucumber topped slices of bread.

“So what does it taste like?” I asked, sniffing the open jar. The colour reminded me of the pints of Guinness I’d had the night before with the children’s uncle and cousin at the local pub. I was still marveling over the staying power of the foamy brew, the way the “S” the barkeep traced in frothy white top of my glass remained intact until I managed to finish it down. My head hurt too, but I was 16, who cares about that?

“Here, have some,” the elder of the two beamed, slathering a gigantic dollop of Marmite onto a slice of bread. “It’s kind of like peanut butter, only different,” he offered reassuringly.

I couldn’t help but notice the 6 year-old giggling, but she seemed to giggle all the time, so I wasn’t really sure what that was all about.


Of course I obligingly took a big bite of the tartine offered me, only to realize that I was about to be sick and needed to get to a toilet fast. Embarrassment. I was teased it was the Guinness from the night before. It wasn’t. It was that damned Marmite. Bugger.

I’m a peace and love kind of gal, and I’m always trying to make amends with my enemies. Like the yeasty-spreads. Thrilled I am to say that during Grad school one of my sweethearts had a real thing for the “mite” sandwiches, and I was all about people making me lunch, so I became a fan.

These crackers, however, take the love to a whole new level:


These biscuits are rich, buttery and have an almost eyebrow-raising bacony taste to them. The yeast spread gives them a depth of flavour that is satisfying and surprising. These are perfect for snacking, and would also be lovely dunked in a steamy bowl of soup. I served them with cocktails and billed them as crackers because here, biscuits are sweet and that would have been weird.

This recipe and 499 others will be available for your vegan pleasure in Celine & Joni’s 500 Vegan Recipes. You can check out the Flickr photos if you want more food p*rn, too. It’s a real treat to be working on such a comprehensive book. I’m not trying to be a tease, really! Come on over and I’ll make you some so you can have some, too. Promise.

*Another grand merci to Libby who sent me these super-cute cookie cutters. She was turned away at the polls during the 2001 election in Florida when that phoney election when down. She was there, man. Yet another moment in my day where I am thankful for Obama!

28 thoughts on “The unbearable deliciousness of Marmite Biscuits (Crackers)

  1. Hi everybody, I would like to try the Marmite Crackers but I didn’t find the recipe. If someone could send me this recipe…

  2. I tried the Marmite Biscuits and actually thought they were quite good. My mother is from England and she didn’t know there was such a thing. She has been eating Marmite on buttered toast for years and she fell in love with the biscuits when I sent them to her for Christmas. Now she has me order her the biscuits when I can find them which is not that easy. Where can I find them? The British home shop was the first place I found them but they have discontinued them and wish to find them again.
    any suggestions?

  3. I’ve been hesitant to buy a jar of marmite and try it. It’s available here in Austin at World Market, for the Texan that asked. Your crackers are a lovely color!

  4. So glad you like them! (I didn’t even realize until I got to the end of your post that this was one I sent!) Since I sent my duplicate cookie cutters, I found the third one to the set, and I bothers me mightily that it is separated from its brethren in a truly anal retentive way!

  5. Well being an Aussie girl and all, I adore Vegemite, slathered on hot buttery toast, a perfect breakfast! These crackers look tasty.

    BTW you have won my blog giveaway, please send me your address so I can send your gift to you!

  6. i tried vegemite over 10 years ago when i visited australia. someone also told me it was kinda like peanut butter – it was not. i didn’t like it either. ick! but i’m totally willing to give vegemite/marmite another chance – as i hear that marmite is kinda = to vegemite. i know we’ve got marmite at the store in the “foods from other fun places around the world” (as i love to call it) aisle. gonna have to pick some up – filled with B vitamins, right?! i should really give it another try.

    huzzah for some tasty food porn! the biscuits look beautiful & tasty, Shelly – i can’t WAIT for their cookbook to come out! yay!

  7. Wow, I didn’t know marmite was such a controversial food! After reading all the comments I’m really curious to try it now. Thanks for keeping us posted on the recipes you are testing. It’s like a little sneak peek of the book.

  8. That first taste is a shocker. *shudder* The crackers sound great though. I was working out a dairy-free version of Goldfish crackers awhile back that was made with nutrional yeast cheese. I should dig those recipe notes out and make them again.

  9. I can’t believe you made something palatable out of marmite! My grandma grew up in England and loves the stuff, but it makes me gag… Maybe I’ll make some of these at her house, so I don’t have to buy a jar myself! 🙂

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