Celine’s Chocolate Breakfast Cake & Happy Mail


I love chocolate. I love cake. I love Celine.

I am a huge fan of any holiday, festival, day off, etc., but one of my favourite things about the Winter holidays is the relaxed, lazy mornings sipping coffee and hanging out in pajamas, munching on brunchy food and of course the goodies.

We were at my brother-in-law’s for les fêtes de fin d’année, and my in-laws once again gave me free reign of their kitchen. Love them! One of my breakfast contributions was Celine’s lovely Chocolate Breakfast Cake. Holy deliciousness, Batman!

breakfastcake-closeupMelty chocolate fantasticalness!

I love baking for omnis and hearing the ooohhs and awes as they feast on the cruelty-free goodness. This isn’t even as sinful as it looks, which is always good around the holidays! The chocolate flavour is dense, satisfying and it’s just sweet enough to feel like a treat, but the sweetness isn’t too much or an A.M. treat.

Speaking of sweet, check this out :


Like a million years ago I won these adorable magnets from the very talented Melanie of Creating Nunde. They arrived just before we left for the holidays, and I didn’t have a chance to snap a photo before leaving, so there they are! They look good enough to eat, don’t they? Thank you, Melaine!

And hey, speaking of giveaways (notice a theme here?) head over to Maggie’s Blog – she’s celebrating her blogaversary with a very sweet giveaway!


34 thoughts on “Celine’s Chocolate Breakfast Cake & Happy Mail

  1. chocolate for breakfast- heck yes! My two favorite things rolled into one, it’s like perfection! And i love the heart-shape it’s so cute
    have a fabulous day

  2. i just mentally ate this entire cake….
    it is nowhere near the same, but at least i do not feel as sick as i would if i actually ate…which i would…dare me? (raises eyeborw)

  3. Wooo! Isn’t that cake tasty good?!!! I love how the chocolate chippies make for a melty treat with every bite! Yummy. That was the first recipe I tested and I might need to make it again soon because I miss it. Your photo is LOVEly. Snicker, snicker (get it? get my joke?).

    Cute magnets.

  4. Cake for breakfast is probably the best idea ever. And I wouldn’t feel guilty about eating cake first thing in the morning so long as it has “breakfast” in the recipe title. Celine is genius.

    And those magnets are so cute. I just wanna eat them up, especially the Pop Tart ones. I wish somebody would make vegan sugar-coated Pop Tarts. I know Amy’s makes those non-sugar-coated ones. But I want sugar and sprinkles.

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