Birthday Recap Time, Kids!

Thank you from the bottom of my little vegan heart for all of your love, electronic and virtual well wishes and other forms of birthday cheer. Birthdays are generally a very big deal for us- we normally celebrate “Birthday Girl (or Boy) Week”, but it’s been a bumpy little time here in Fishland, and my birthday was all but brushed under the rug – until some super friends and blogging buddies like YOU came along to make me feel all special and stuff. I won’t blather on, just know that I feel so grateful for you all. (Snif, snif).

It wouldn’t be a birthday without cake, right?


This scrumptious carrot cake from Vegan With A Vengeance has been all over the blogosphere of late. I’m usually a lemon cake or tofu cheese cake kind of gal, but when I saw Virginia’s carrot cake from VWAV last week, I gave into the peer pressure. Know why I’ve never made it? I can’t find vegan cream cheese here, and I didn’t want to make it without “right” frosting! Sillyfish. I opted for an almond & coconut buttercream, which wasn’t too shabby. I added about 1/2 cup crushed pineapple to the cake (because for me, if a carrot cake is sans pineapple, it’s just a wanna-be) and used a little less pineapple juice – it worked out just splendidly!

Now for the gifts!


I asked Monsieur Fish for this Japanese Couture book from Pomodor24 (Highly recommend her! She has a shop on Etsy, too). He seemed incredulous and felt obliged to remind me I don’t read Japanese, but when I insisted that I’d be able to understand the diagrams and patterns, and that many other stitchy folks who lacked the Japanese skillz managed to sew some beautiful dresses from this book so why not me, he did acquiesce (though I didn’t know it! I was indeed a happysurprisedfish when I opened the mail). Look at how beautiful some of these are!



Now I just need to find me some perdy fabric and I will be all over this! That being said, have any of you made anything from this book? Cause, you know, it’s in Japanese! Ahem. I’ll figure it out, duh! (whispers: but you can email me if you’ve made something so I can see it on your blog & bug you with questions, right?). Whew.

And you need these to cut fabric for a new dress, right?


My sweet parents sent me these! They actually came in a few days before my birthday (meaning I’ve been able to use them) and man, they cut through four layers of cordoroy like non-dairy buttah, baby! Just shows you, getting by with any old tool is possible, but using the right tool for the job makes it so much easier!

I also received two very surprise gifts which made me feel so special!

new-crewel1A book, the new crewel : Excuisite Designs in Contemporary Embroidery by Katherine Shaughnessy. I made my way to the mail box thinking I’d find the light bill, but instead was this lovely book sent by my sweet friend Natalia!



My other suprise gift was a book card! Everybody’s favourite Texas Vegan Mum Krys, and her Two Vegan Boys, Arthur and Adam sent me a gift certificate so I can treat myself to one of my very favourite things – a book!

I am so moved by the friendships that have grown out of our little blogging community, and Natalia and Krys, you are both so special to me! And you made me feel special – hey, come on, group hug everyone! Thank you!

37 thoughts on “Birthday Recap Time, Kids!

  1. Happiest of birthdays! I adore those amazing fabric scissors – they are going on my next b-day list for sure. And I am going to check out the cutness of Pomodor 24. So sweet. Perfect dresses for spring and summer. I hope you were happy with your cake – it does look amazingly yummy.

  2. Happy birthday (I’m late, I know…) Your cake skills are impressive, even though I’m not a sweets person, this makes me wish I could have been there. The handles of the scissors caught my eye, just those colors will make it even more fun to play with the pattern book.

  3. happy birthday! what a cake!! so many layers, I bet it smelled amazing.
    also, that book of japanese dresses is a total treasure, I can see why you wanted it. so elegant and adorable!

  4. **Just as a heads up: I will not be able to comment on blogs as often now, during this semester, due to work overload (I’m stressed already) – PLEASE know that I’m still loyally reading, but just won’t have time to comment. I hope you understand!!

  5. Yummilicious looking cake, Shelly! Your non-cream cheeze frosting sounds so good. Beautiful books too..what is it about Japanese things that makes us love them so??!! I’m feelin’ stitchy reading your blog!

  6. lovely looking cake, shelly! i’ve never made that carrot cake either, but i just keep getting more and more tempted… and what nice gifties! that japanese pattern book is just BEAUTIFUL. i’d love to be able to make something out of there. and creweling looks completely rad. i can’t wait to see what you make of these things.

  7. I am so glad you had a lovely birthday. The cake sounds delicious. I am like you, I love love love any kind of lemon cake. The Japanese dressmaking book looks very cool. I look forward to seeing your WIP creations from it. Have a wonderful day.


  8. So glad to hear you celebrated your birthday with some cake! That carrot cake is one of my favorites. And if anyone can figure out those Japanese patterns, it’s you! I can’t wait to see what you make from it…

    Happy birthday again Shellyfish!!

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