Whatever Happened To Sunday Dinners? : I *Heart* Indian Cuisine!

Nothing like a little spice to warm up your insides when the weather outside is frightful! It is frightful here – every day it gets colder and colder…


Clockwise from top : Chickpea Masala, Peas in a Creamy Curry Sauce, and Spicy Chick-Wheat Savory Muffins

Nothing like getting all curry & cumin! This was one of those meals where you’re really, really glad there are left-overs. My big strategy of making a big Sunday luncheon and being a big lazyfish and leaving the left-overs on the stove until dinner…yeah, I like it. Now I just hope there’s enough left for tonight!

The “Chickpea Masala” is a test recipe for Celine & Joni’s 500 Vegan Recipes, and I am so going to make this like, a million more times. This was as scrumptious as it was easy and inexpensive (or cheap, but that sounded so dirty!).

I recently noticed that Guppy really likes peas, so I jumped at the chance to milk this for all it’s worth and made Ricki’s delectable “Peas in a Creamy Curry Sauce” and just went light on the spice. These were really delicious and it was nice to have some green on our plates! Guppy of course snubbed the peas, because she has gone through the hideous transformation of “no, I don’t like that!” (no matter what it is). Oh how I miss the days of her liking everything. Well, if she’s hungry, she’ll eat*.

And to round out the meal, some tasty “Chick-Wheat Savory Muffins”. I loved these. They are perfect for helping soak up all the masala and curry goodness you see on the plate!

*Rest assured, I do try to see that the kidlet eats properly. As long as we have bananas and soy yogurt, she won’t starve. Oh, and when she eats elsewhere she eats everything…just like most other toddlers. The joys of parenthood are without number…


22 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Sunday Dinners? : I *Heart* Indian Cuisine!

  1. aren’t indian foodz the best!?! hooray for a tasty meal to keep ya warm! sorry Guppy wasn’t in to the peas – sounded like she woulda liked it. i remember my little sister going through the “i don’t like that!” phase – drove my parents bananas! all she wanted to eat was pretzels and oranges! ahhahahaa! but you’re right – if Guppy’s hungry – she’ll eat.

    totally gotta try out those savory muffins. saw that Jessica had made some as well – and since you both rav about ’em – i’ve gotta get a move on! going to see if i can plan them into the menu next week! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    stay warm, Shelly!

  2. The muffins are a great use for the chickpea… I’m Indian, and never thought to do that, but it looks delicious, and makes total sense in the meal. Indian food can be really easy with a general method and then lots of variations on that basic system, glad you are jumping in and experimenting 🙂

  3. This post is making me so hungry! I adore Indian food. Usually the recipes seem so hard but these seem doable. Thank you for sharing them!

    Sunday dinners … cooking early in the day and then having plenty for a mid-day meal and then again in the evening … it’s such a nice idea. It reminds me of my childhood … getting up at our leisure … reading the “funnies” … then smelling good things from the kitchen. They were quality days!

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints

  4. Ciao ! Your dinner sound fantastic !!! I have/had problems with Carlo too Anita on the other hand tries everything but Carlo still is terrible how a dear friend told me nobody ever starved with food in front of him !! baci

  5. Looks amazing! I love chickpea curry–must make one next time (or wait for that book–can’t wait for it to come out!!). Glad YOU liked the peas, anyway 😉 And you beat me to those muffins–they’ve been on my “must make” list since Celine posted the recipe.

  6. Guppy is definitely going to grow out of her certain-type-of-veggies hate phase. seeing how Maman is an awesome cook, how could she resist?
    fun fact: I once spewed endives in my own Maman’s face, when I was a wee one. and now I love them! Maman, on the other hand, hates them. thanks to me. je plaisante! elle les aime toujours.

  7. I want to try Ricky’s peas so badly! I have to add the ingredients to my shpping list so I can make them soon. Your plate looks all comfortable and delicious. Over here temperatures are back to a bit more normal (from -18°C to -7°C). I really like the cold but there has to be nice food around me to keep me warm.

  8. I wanted to try those savory muffins, but couldn’t think what to serve them with. Channa masala is my fave, and a perfect pairing. Must. Make. Indian. soon!

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