Dinosize Me! & I’m Free!

First the exciting news : I have no more cast!

So, auditions are on Saturday.

That was so lame. I’m sorry.

After 6 weeks of immobilisation and 5.5 weeks of casty-magic I can take a shower standing up! What a luxury. I’m walking (baby steps) sans crutches because I can, but that’s about all. Going up the stairs is easy…down? Well, going up the stairs is easy. Did I say that already? Now I need to start some P.T. and such, but of course we’re going out of town on this weekend, and most P.T.s are closed during the holiday week anyway. At least I won’t be spending the holidays on crutches! And if I’m walking with a bit of a wobble after too many cocktails, well, I’ll just blame it on my foot! Woot!

Now for the Dino PJ Pants :


These are so super cool and warm and soft that I am kicking myself (with the good foot) for not having bought enough fabric to make PJs for the three of us! That would have been the best family holiday picture ever! Need to write that in my diary for next December – matching PJs Family Photo. Excellent.

So many of you mentioned wanting to give kidlet pants a try! I love it! I promise to get you a step-by-step photo tut after the holidays so you can make a pair and feel as cool as all get out because you are a DIY Rockstar! It won’t be until after the New Year (bcause we’ll be out of town), but it’ll be soon after. Deal?

I also made this :

Which Guppy could use to stow her PJ pants, but for now, these guys are in there :


There are about 15 mini-dinos in there, so by the end of Christmas morning she should still have about 5 to play with, right?


21 thoughts on “Dinosize Me! & I’m Free!

  1. Yay for the cast coming off!!

    And oh my goodness the dino pj’s are adorable!! I think an xmas family photo in pjs would be awesome. can’t wait for the tutorial! I am making pj pants in my sewing class right now and I’m curious to see if they’re similar…

  2. Yay! I can’t believe it’s already been SIX weeks!!! And I’m sure Guppy is thrilled with her adorable dino-pants. (Maybe I’ll try to whip up a pair for The Girls?). 😉 Have a great holiday!

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