Dolls, Bibs & Where’s The Food?

I packed up the handmade goodies for my new niece earlier this week :

I’ve had the bibs & dolls done for a while, but wanted to wait to finish some other little bobbles before sending them off. You can find many great tuts in blogland on how to make bibs yourself. It’s a great beginner’s project and you can fall into a rhythm and once all the cutting is done, you can whip out a few sets.

I just traced one of Guppy’s old bibs for the pattern, but didn”t want to do a tie bib because I they always got caught in Guppy’s hair, and wanted to avoid buttons because of the choking hazard. Amy Karol’s book Bend The Rules Sewing has an easy bib pattern and she uses snaps, so I tried that. Not sure how I feel about it – some of the snaps didn’t go on so well and it was a little stressful. I think next time I’ll try some velcro action.

I of course also included with the Animal Friends cloth book– I’ll be making another one soon as we’ve friends who are expecting and I think it makes a special gift.

We’re experiencing technical difficulties chez Fish, and I’ve got a load of foodie pictures to share, but am unable to do so because of the evil computerness of a little glitch that will be worked out soon. Have no fear, I’ll be sharing the delicious goodness as soon as I can!

Feel like wasting a little time? playing with yet another net-survey? A few days ago, Melissa at Creating Nunde had a link for this Martha quiz : What’s Your Crafting IQ? I scored way higher than my actual crafting abilities should have let me – 8/10 – but I think if you’ve got some good general culture under your belt you’ll probably surprise yourself with your ultimate crafty knowledge!

27 thoughts on “Dolls, Bibs & Where’s The Food?

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  3. Cute! You are so talented Shellyfish! I just love those dolls. Your niece will always have that handmade gift to remember you by when you’re old (not that you’ll ever be old, but you know what I mean).

    As for posting my cross stitch stuff for W.I.P. Wednesdays, I will after Xmas. I have a few friends who actually read my blog (most don’t, they think I’m nerdy, whatev), and I’m afraid they’ll see their gifts. But I promise to post them when I’ve given them all out!

  4. The dolls are super cute! All the bibs I have for Grace are velcro, and I love them. I too avoided the ties. Too much hassle. Good job with the snaps though. I bet that was no easy feat getting those on!

  5. the gifties look very good! i need to learn to get crafty, for realz. my nephew could totally use some handmade bibs. sorry to hear about your technical difficulties. hopefully they are worked out soon, as i am always up for some food porn.

  6. everything looks awesome & adorable, Shelly! you’re so creative & talented – i love it! sorry the snaps were a bit fussy – i love the idea though! velcro sounds like a great idea, too – and a whole lot easier! your niece is soooo lucky! wow!

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