Who’ll be paying it forward? Oh, and receiving handmade love from the Shellyfish?

While our friends in the United States are stuffing themselves with tofurkey, mashed taters & gravy and pumpkin pie & soy whipped cream, I’m here slaving over a hot Random Number Generator to pick the lovelies who’ll be getting a little love from me…what *wouldn’t* I do for you, my blogger buddies for whom I am so thankful?


I’m truly technologically impaired and cannot figure out how to do that groovy little save the image thing to show you the Random.ORG page, but I’ve already spent too much time trying, and it’s not happening…so here you go – a nice old fashioned copied list :

  • 7
  • 6
  • 12
  • 1
  • 16

But who hides behind these numbers you ask?

Jeni Treehugger – Heathen Vegan

Tacha – Hanies

Natalia – Gatti Fili e Farina

Trina – Your Vegan Mom

Katie – Chocolate Covered Vegan

I know, I said I was only going to choose 3 people, but I’m so bad about just picking 3…even with the help of the cold, unfeeling website. Now I have to send 5 handmade gifts all over the world! But it’s ok, because I have 365 days to send them something! I don’t think I’ll wait an entire year…I’m hoping to craft something up in the first few months of 2009.

My little family’s celebration will be tomorrow… but if whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving today, or you did in October, or never – I am always thankful for you and your blogs that I look forward to reading every day!