On My Desk…

I really enjoy checking in with what I’m working on (or what I should be working on) at least once a week. Helps keep me “on task”. As a child “difficulty remaining on task” was often written in my academic file (yeah, that hasn’t so much changed).  I believe the pedagogues of the day failed to appreciate my multi-tasking nature…

Imagine my delight when I received this in the mail!


This is a rather fun and exciting project so I wanted to be sure to share with you! Tacha who bloggs at Hanies was looking for volunteers to test her new epattern, and I volunteered right away. She wields a needle with talent, and I have been devouring her posts on her various printing adventures (because I *so* want to take the plunge…but Santa needs to send me the screen printing kit!). And for you sporty-types out there, Tacha finished the NY Marathon in under 4 hours! So yeah, she’s cool.

Not only do I get to test her pattern, but she sent me everything I need to finish the project!


I’ll share the finished project soon! Maybe even by this weekend (let’s hope!).