Paying It Forward…

A few days ago the Vegan Activist & Texas Sweetheart Amanda hosted a rather seasonal giveaway & new blogging event, and lucky me, I get to participate! Amanda is going to mail a few little parcels of handmade love & I’ll be one of the fortunate recipients.
There are so many lovely giveaways in blogland, bloggers eagerly commenting and abuzz with the excitement of winning an unexpected gift, but that’s it. Someone wins, and then the generosity comes to a screeching halt and we go on with our lives. Nice, but lacking in momentum. This giveaway is a little different, however, because the “receivers” are also to become “givers”, if you will. In fact, that’s the most important rule of the game…
The rules are simple: I will send three people who leave a comment on this post a handmade gift within the next 365 days. I am willing to post anywhere in the world, so don’t let that stop you from commenting.
The catch is that you must have a blog and be willing to do the same thing….

The original rules stipulate that it’s to be the first three to leave comments are to win a little love, but I don’t so much like that because it makes it seem all “rush rush” and “hurry” and “let’s be in a race to be winners!”, and this isn’t about competition or running to beat anything or anyone, unless I am running a race, which as you all know I won’t be doing for a while…
I also think it would be appropriate for the “receivers” to post once they have received their bobble of handmade love to share the joy with the rest of us! Part of what I love about this event is it’s helping to keep our precious blogosphere a generous, giving place, and seeing all these handmade, “not sponsored by a major corporation” packages of love arriving all over the world will be a bright and happy thing in the sometimes gloomy world, don’t you think?

I’m going to close the comments on this post on Wednesday, November 26th at 6 p.m. (approx.) Paris time. Using the random number generator to chose new participants, I’ll post their names on Thursday, November 27th in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States – Happy Holidays to my friends & family living in the U.S.! Please be sure to mention in your comment if you are indeed willing to “Pay It Forward”, and commit to choosing at least three peeps on your own blog to receive a little “happy mail”. Also be sure to include your blog’s URL & email in the comment information!
Hurray for giving & receiving!

21 thoughts on “Paying It Forward…

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  2. You put everything so beautifully into words!! I do love that this challenge just keeps on giving…. and I also like that you changed it to a random three. Those are some lucky bloggers that will get handcrafted goodies from you!!

  3. Ciao ! I’m pretending I’m someone else to have more chances … no I only wanted to say that it is an omeopathic thing that helps bone “seal” faster have an happy day!

  4. Jessica you’re totally ok & in the running – in a bizarre twist of randomgeneratorness you could end up with 2 “pay if forwards” to host, but that probably won’t happen! I say noproblemo!

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