On My Desk…


On my desk today…some holiday cheer. Oh, and my desk is also my sofa, because that’s where I’ve got my silly leg propped up.

I’ve got these almost finished upish. I’m trying to make enough ornaments to send to family & friends this year. These are so basic it’s a hair embarrassing, but here’s my ancient Chinese secret : just trace the inside of a star-shaped cookie or sandwich cutter, round the edges if you like. Me, I like. Give them a sophisticated (ahem) 2-dimensional look by whip stitching two stars together with some polyfill in the middle.

I know. Just call me Ms. Stewart.

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27 thoughts on “On My Desk…

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  2. I’m happy to see that someone else is already in the swing of things for the holidays! I must say, though, that you make me realize that I really need to get my butt in gear in order to finish all of the gifts I hope to send out this year!

  3. Oh! And I decided to “pay it forward” to the first five commenters (some don’t have blogs that have left comments) and you are #5!! Send me an email if you want to participate in the challenge! walkingtheveganline at gmail dot com

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