Wanna Sign My Cast?


My little piggies, in all their swollen glory.

What did you do this morning? Me, I went to see the Orthopedic Specialist Dude who told me what nearly every medical professional has told me for as long as I can remember, “You know, this is really rather unique…”. At this point they generally go on to explain to me how I have extra tendons or ligaments or bones (all true) or how what happened isn’t possible (yet it is) or how they’ve never seen anything quite like whatever it is that’s wrong with me. Happen to you, too? I *so* believe you.

The “unique” thing about my accidented foot is that given the way I fell, I “shouldn’t” have the injuries I have. Ha! Tell that to the foot & ankle, people! In fact, “it’s really impossible, or I guess improbable” quoth Dr. Orhto Dude. I love doctors – and they love me, because I’m FUN! That being said, he re-confirmed that I managed to blow the three main ligaments on the lateral side of my foot, which came as no surprise, but the big news was that I also managed to break a bone!

I don’t mess around, people.

While the preliminary x-rays were cleared by the radiologist last Thursday, Mr. Ortho Dude took one look at them, pressed down on a spot on my foot that made me say all sorts of bad words (on the inside) and informed me that I broke my calcanius – not all of it thankfully, but the part that articulates with the rest of the world – turned it into a bit of an anti-social piece of rif-raff no longer interested in maintaining a healthy relationship with the rest of the gang.

You know when you really want to be wrong? I knew something was broken. In fact, it was the first thing I said to the paramedics when they asked me what happened. I could tell. I felt it friggin’ snap. Bugger. I would have loved to have been wrong about that one.

But what does this all mean? When can I go back to running and jumping and leaping tall buildings, etc.? Well, the cast is on for 4 weeks. Then we’ll see after the x-rays. In December. You know, far, far from now. Like almost in 2009. Bugger.

If I must be casted, let’s at least have some fun with it, right?


Non-sporty Monsieur Fish has a very dry sense of humor.


Guppy signed when she came home from school at lunch. “L” is the first letter of her name, the picture on the left is of our accident, and the one on the right is of a jellyfish (she is drawing jellyfish like nobody’s business) but drawing on these resin casts isn’t easy, so she crossed it out because she thought it wasn’t pretty. I told her she could try again later. I’m cool with that.

My goals as of right now are not to gain 5Kg over the next two months and to try to do as much as I can (ab work, free weights, etc.) in the mean time. Must shake off the “eat more cookies and you’ll feel better” blues.

If I knew how to knit, I’d make myself some little toe warmers. Burr.

I’ve got some yummy food to share with you tomorrow. Don’t worry, this hasn’t become “Musings From The Footbowl”. Promise.

Also a huge & gigantic thanks for all the love. It really makes a big difference, believe it or not.