a rather injuredfish…


I’ve been vacillating between feeling sorry for myself, and feeling horribly embarrassed about feeling sorry for myself. I’m hoping that blogging about this with have a cathartic effect on me. I also know I’m going to regret publishing pictures where I look like such a Grinch, but I felt like I needed to take them.

Guppy and I were in a bit of a bicycle accident. Thankfully she is a-o.k. Not a scratch. Thank you, child-protective helmet.

Me? Not so much. I am so grateful that it wasn’t worse (we were very lucky according to witnesses) and for all the amazing people who just appeared out of nowhere to help us…especially to reassure Guppy, because I was stretched out on the sidewalk, and though I tried to reassure her and tell her it was going to be ok, I was in some horrible pain. I also went into shock and nearly passed out, so thank you so much amazing recycling guys who stopped your truck and called the ambulance and took care of my bicycle, and to the kind motorist who wrapped me up in the fleece blanket and called my husband, and especially thanks to the super-nice woman who held Guppy’s hand and engaged her in conversation, listening patiently as Guppy told her all about the new shoes she was wearing.

Preliminary x-rays are suggesting my foot/ankle isn’t broken, but the orthopedic surgeon I’m seeing again Monday wants more x-rays to be sure. When I was 14 I blew the 3 major ligaments in my foot after a bad ballet landing…and this is all rather déjà vu-ish. The small handful of you who read my training blog know how excited I’ve been about training for the Paris Marathon in April…and I do mention my SportyFishness here from time to time. I am super-freaking out, in a horrible woe-is-me way, and I’m embarrassed about it. I am 100% dependant on Monsieur Fish (who could frankly use some lessons in cheering up & caring for those he loves, usually the roles are reversed, so maybe it’s a practice issue?) and I loathe not being able to do things myself.

I also had to kiss going to the Salon Marie Claire today good-bye, and I was so very really terribly looking forward to going since I reserved my spot for the workshop I was to take back in July. No goodie bag. No fabric samples. No giveaways. Snif. Snif.

But back to feeling terrible about feeling so sorry for myself. I totally need to get over it – I mean, people freaking loose their feet after accidents! I could have been so much worse off, not to mention the fact that Guppy was fine which is no minor miracle. I know I need to get over myself, but damn this is really, really hard. I usually run upwards of 40 miles/week, ride my bike everywhere, and weight train oh, and practice yoga. My big workout today was going from the couch to the bathroom. My butt hurts from sitting so much for pete’s sake!

Ok, I’ll sit back and wait for the heal effects of “getting it off my chest” to take action. I’ll let you know how that goes.


29 thoughts on “a rather injuredfish…

  1. Ouch !! i’m sorry for you. just hope, it’s not too painful, Shelly.
    All the kitties around me are wishing you the best !



    PS : you’re a lovely fish-lady 🙂

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  3. Awwww… I am sending a big happy hug your way (maybe more than one)! If I knew how to knit some foot cozies, I totally would. And seriously, cookies fix everything! It’s so true.

  4. I’m sending good karma your way (and warm post-wreck thoughts). I’m glad you’re relatively ok, especially your daughter, and my fingers are crossed that you’ll heal up soon! After my major wreck last year I jumped on my bike as soon as I could which wasn’t such a great idea, so rest up and heal up! Crafty fun and marathons will happen soon enough!! ((hugs!))

  5. Hey Shellyfish,
    Sorry about your accident and temporary derailment. It is good that you can write down your frustrations and get it out. Remember, everything is relative, so don’t feel guilty about telling you friends! It must be difficult training for a marathon and then not be able to do it. I know the hard work training for one involves as my husband has done a few. Glad that the Gup survived unscathed. Hugs and good wishes are sent your way ….

  6. oh, Shelly! i am sooooooo sorry! you shouldn’t feel bad, and this isn’t something you can get over – you know?! this sucks! and it’s frustrating! and yeah, it just sucks! i’m soooo glad Guppy is okay – and i’m also so very glad that you aren’t missing a leg or anything. don’t feel embarrassed at all! i know Mr. Fish doesn’t mind helping you out – sometimes boys love feel’n needed & depended on! i’m so sorry that this throws a big crappy wrench in your training, too – and has you sitting around and resting. for someone so active, that must be no fun at all. i know it’s sooo much easier said than done – but try and relax, let yourself heal. don’t push yourself to much, and go easy on yourself, too! no need to beat yourself up either – it’s just not good to do, and it won’t help either.

    i bet you’ll find yourself back in action sooner than you know it! i’m sending you super positive thoughts and big bear hugs! hang in there!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident! That totally sucks!!! I’m very glad to hear that your little Guppy is OK. I hope your recovery is speedy and as painless as possible. Being a healthy vegan who exercises regularly is going to help with recovery time, I’ll bet!

  8. I’ve been thinking about you all day… I’m so sorry you had that accident! bike accidents can be tricky, so I’m glad Guppy came out of it without a scratch. And I’m also thankful for the woman who held her hand and distracted her. I hope you recover soon. Lots of hugs and kisses!

  9. I am so sorry! I am glad that guppy is ok, but so sad that you are feeling yuck and hurting! I know what you mean about the frustration of not being able to help yourself. Argh…my thoughts are with you. I wish you alll the vegan speed of recovery and please just take good care of yourself and know that we are out here feeling for you and your little foot!

  10. Oh noes!! I am so terribly sorry. I am glad you’re seeing the bright side of what did happened compared to what could have. Sometimes bike accidents are really truly tragic. My prof in 3rd year got pancaked on his bike and was in a coma for weeks! Regardless, whatever the extent of your injuries, you are free to throw the world’s biggest pity party and I promise I’ll be there with veggies & dip. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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