Memes, An Award & Some Lovely Giveaways

Check out these beautiful giveaways!


The marvelously talented Hanna is giving away a Collage Pack, filled with beautiful vintage pages from Sweden. Hanna’s blog is so inspiring, I can hardly keep myself from stopping everything and art journaling  (or I guess I should say beginning an art journal) whenever I read what she and her crafty mum have been up to! Visit her Etsy shoppe if you want some fantastic gift ideas (I love everything!). All you have to do is head over there and leave her a comment! Easy Peasy!


Modish is having a gihugic (totally a word) giveaway, too! Same thing kids, just go over and leave a comment! How easy is that? I am drooling over this stuff!


And you can try your luck over at Old Red Barn where you could win yourself one of three gorgeous quilts! Just what we need to keep us warm and to throw over the un-made bed to hide the mess!

Look what the lovely Miss Marie gave me :


This is my second Brilliante Award, so does this mean I’m extra-brillante? (I think they make cremes for that…).

I’ve recently been tagged for two fun memes by Allularpunk and HoneyB. I am here to say that I will not flake on these memes – and you my dear readers will hold me accountable! I will get to them pronto!

And yes, I have again changed my blog’s look. I’m having a bit of an identity crisis I think. I wish I was all HTML savvy and could just create my own look! Can’t I just embroider one? Tee hee.


20 thoughts on “Memes, An Award & Some Lovely Giveaways

  1. Congrats on the award (and yes, ultra-brilliante!). And thanks for the info re: all those giveaways. Now, look in the mirror and repeat after me, “That quilt is mine. That quilt is mine. That quilt . . . ”

    Then again, I’d take your embroidery over a quilt any day (okay, maybe along WITH a quilt!) 😉

  2. I like the new look. Thanks for the link to Hanna’s blog. It looks very inspiring.

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I used normal screenprinting ink. (Dekaprint)

  3. can’t wait to hear about them memes. j’aime bien le nouveau look, Shelly. et ouais, moi aussi j’aimerais bien en savoir plus sur html pour faire quelque chose de mieux que ce qu’offre wordpress.

  4. heehee, i would totally be into your embroidered blog. anyway, i like this new look because it’s easier for me to read…my eyes must be getting old on me! i sound like a total fuddyduddy. also, thanks for the contest links. i’m totally heading over to all 3 to try to win some stuff. i never win ANYthing though, so it’s kind of a futile activity for me. oh well. never give up hope, right? if obama can be president, maybe i can win something off someone’s blog. because anything is possible, thank goodness!

  5. thanks for letting us know about the great giveaways, Shelly! i am definitely going to check out those crafty blogs! sooo cool! i have never heard of art journaling, but it sounds like a really neat concept – i’m going to have to read more about it; maybe try something like it… i also need to check out the Etsy shops as well! with the holidays approaching i could get some great ideas – and even purchase some fun gifts! thanks, Shelly!

    congrats on another rock’n brillante award! i think you’re extra-brillante, ideed! yay!

    looking forward to learning more fun facts about ya, too! hope you’re having a fantastical week! hugs to you!

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