On My Desk…

I’ve been enjoying watching what many of you cool hip artsy kids have been up to via kootoyoo’s On My Desk Wednesdays, so I thought I’d play along too (you know, so I could hang out with everyone).


A little dolly love for my new niece (well, maybe not just for her). I usually make two of something when I try a project for the first time. A prototype if you will.

I really wanted to make my own doll pattern. I did draft one a few weeks ago,  but wasn’t feeling very confident about the proportions. Since I’m not très riche en tissus (I don’t have a real fabric stash), I was nervous about cutting into what fabric I have. Then I came across this pattern created by Emily of A Black Apple (holy talent batman!). Since I need to get these sent to the United States ASAP, I’ve decided to lean on the talent of Emily. For now. 🙂

You can go see what everyone else is doing, too!

20 thoughts on “On My Desk…

  1. those dolls are going to be most adorable, Shelly! you are the craftiest crafty queen! and you totally make me wish i had more time to create things! (hmmmmmmm, perhaps i need to find some time to do so… yay!)

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