The beautiful & inspiring and the delicious & nutritious!


collage du site Marie Claire Idées

I’m always rather thrilled when my new copy of “Marie Claire Idées” arrives. There are so many amazing-cute-crafty-stylish things to ooh and awe at, and it’s just loaded with creative ideas and crafty inspiration. The Salon Marie Claire Idées is happening November 14, 15 & 16 at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris and I’m feeling rather excited about attending. Anyone in the area want to come with me?

My little package of love for my new niece (and her Mumma, my sister) is almost ready. If the sun would just shine a little I’d take some pictures. I’m finishing up a few details today (I hope) and will share that with you soon.

A CrafyFish needs sustenance, and lucky little ole’ me was able to nibble on some of the most tasty scones ever!


Pear and Pecan Scone from Sweet Freedom

This photo is so hideous I wasn’t even going to post about these super-scones, but I decided it would be an injustice to you, my readers, to not share such deliciousness just because of my slap-dash photography job. (I really will make a light box one of these days, probably around the time that we change time in April again…). I made these succulent scones for our quatre heures or afternoon tea, and for some reason the Fish Family was particularly affaimée (starving) and we just started feasting away once they were cool enough to eat…and luckily M. Fish, crumbs flying from his mouth (but in a really cute way) exclaimed “attends! tu as pas pris de photo!” (wait, you didn’t take a picture yet!) and I quickly snapped a picture in my already very dark kitchen. I must say I was really proud of my husband, because he generally teases me for taking pictures of food. It was sweet.

I feel like I need to briefly qualify the “nutritious” part of today’s title. See, the Sweet Freedom treats are not your typical AP flour & 300g non-dairy margarine type treats. I don’t ever tell M. Fish what’s in (or what’s not in) the scones or cookies or bars he’s drooling over, but he sure doesn’t think things taste too *healthy*. And I need to be clear – he’s lucky he’s cute, because he is one picky fishy in the food department!

These scones were like everything I’ve had the opportunity to make from Ricki’s up-coming book – DELICIOUS! And pears and pecans? Together at last is all I have to say! I am so looking forward to seeing the book in early 2009…I want to get my hands on all those recipes that we’re *not* testing! Please visit the Sween Freedom blog to see other examples of the delicious treats to come!