Vegan MoFo Day 26 – Halloween Treats, BBQ Treats, Blondie Treats! (No tricks, kids).


Are these not the cutest ever? Originating with the Celts around 2000 years ago, Halloween has remained a mostly anglo-saxon holiday, moving to some of the various colonised countries with the colonizers. Despite various marketing attempts, it is not really celebrated in France. In Paris and in some more anglophone cities you can find stores selling decorations and goodies, but they are more and more the exception and not the rule. Imagine my joy when walking in front of my favorite little chocolaterie with Guppy the other day…the front window was decorated with Halloween treats galore! The ghosts and pumpkins really caught my eye, and when we walked in and I told the owner how I loved the window display she offered right away, “You know, I’m pretty sure the ghosts and pumpkins are dairy-free!” She then swiftly went in the back to consult her notes and confirmed with glee, “They are made with an almond paste, but it’s no dairy.” Yeah. Ok lady, twist my arm.

I’ve decided to dedicate Vegan MoFo to trying yet untried recipes in my (small) collection of cookbooks. I came across the “BBQ Seitan and Crispy Coleslaw Sandwich” in VCON and thought, hey, I can swing this, I even have tempeh in the fridge! Yes, that’s right, I said tempeh. We’ve been eating a great deal of seitan around here lately, so I decided that this sandwich would be just as yummy with tempeh, and by golly it was! (Says the Shellyfish channeling a 1950’s teen). I never buy vegan mayo, so I just sort of fudged the dressing for the slaw with plain soy yogurt (which I usually do for slaw dressing and it’s just fine), but I did make the “Backyard BBQ Sauce” from VCON. My stand-by sauce is the BBQ from New Farm, so I felt a little guilty, but it was worth the infidelity because this sauce was rather scrummy. I just put the pre-fried tempeh in a baking dish with the BBQ sauce for about half an hour. Ding. We piled the sandwich goodness on some fresh baguette and dinner was served!

These beauties are the “Butterscotch Blondies” from Ricki’s soon-to-be-published Sweet Freedom. They are some of the best blondies I’ve ever tasted – decadent, rich…

All this Sweet Freedom deliciousness is really spoiling me! Luckily I’m a bit of a distance runner, otherwise I would have to make some new pants! Ricki, you are a recipe-writing genius.

19 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo Day 26 – Halloween Treats, BBQ Treats, Blondie Treats! (No tricks, kids).

  1. Dude, I can’t believe France doesn’t celebrate Halloween!!!! It’s the most important holiday of the year! Damn…at least you found some dairy-free ghosties!

    And can you believe I’ve never had a blondie? Crazy, I know. Crazy.

  2. Wow, those Halloween goodies look too good–I’d probably eat them all long before Halloween! (Especially if they come from a particular chocolaterie I’m thinking of that makes THE BEST dark chocolate truffles. . . ??!!). I love the sound of the tempeh, too (and have some in my freezer).

    I think Vegannifer is right, you are doing amazing PR for the book, and I am speechless! Your photo and description sounds so good, I’m almost tempted to bake up some myself 😉 (Thanks, Shellyfish).

  3. what lovely treats! that bbq sammie looks delish, the ghosts and pumpkins are adorable, and that blondie… yeah, i’d have to take up running too, if i was a tester for that book. come to think of it, maybe i should take up running so that i can eat more cookies. meh.

  4. those treats are too cute! and hooray for them being dairy-free. that rocks so hard!

    your sub of tempeh awesomeness & slaw looks divine! i want one! mmmmmmmmmmm! and blondies – jeeeeeeebus, you’re too awesome, Shelly! oh my gosh, amazing!

  5. A bakery in France selling non-dairy itesm?! Has the world collapsed and I didn’t notice? 🙂 Those ghosts and pumpkins are fabulous. What fun that you could buy them!!

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