Vegan MoFo Day 24 – More Delicious Vegan Cookies & An Award!


Please don’t worry if you don’t see your blog on the links list. As you can see I’m changing things up a little and I’m re-organizing the links. I still love you all – just give me a day to get you’re names back up! 🙂

I’m feeling rather thankful for happening upon a little blog called Diet, Dessert & Dogs back in February of this year. I have since read many an eloquent and entertaining post, tried a veritable plethora of delicious recipes, and am now being spoiled as a tester for Ricki’s vegan dessert book Sweet Freedom, due out in early 2009 (hey, my birthday is in January, did she plan that on purpose?!?). Ricki’s blog has become one of my favourites for her wit and prose, and I am grateful to count her amongst one of my friends in the true sense. Through comments and emails I’ve gotten to know this rockin’ woman from the great, white north that I would never have meet had it not been for this beautiful vegan blogosphere I hold so dear in my heart…and, er, stomach…wooot!

These are the “Easiest Almond Cookies” from Sweet Freedom. A self-proclaimed cookie-snob, I can tell you that these babies are a cookie-lover’s dream : a light crunch on the outside, paired with a soft and chewy centre. Oh, and they are, get this, Gluten Free! They are a snap to make, a trait terribly important in cookie land, because since they’re quick and easy, you’ll find yourself making them often! So many of the Fish Family’s new favorite recipes are from Sweet Freedom…you’re gonna love this book!

And in other news…look what I received :

I am sincerely touched by this thoughtful gesture! Thank you dear Cheryl of the wonderful Gluten Free Goodness blog. I began following Cheryl’s blog after “meeting” her through the Daring Bakers. Her GF & whole foods approach to eating is refreshing in the oft buttercream and sugar-laden food blogging world (don’t get me wrong, I like the sweets, but it’s all about balance people!). I especially like her “Menu Plan Monday” feature which has helped inspire me to plan my meals further into the future than tonight and tomorrow, and to see the bigger picture nutritionally over the coarse of a week. If you’re not familiar with Cheryl’s blog, you really should check it out! Merci Cheryl!


24 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo Day 24 – More Delicious Vegan Cookies & An Award!

  1. Check out your new design!!! Very cool.

    Those cookies sound great. I could use one right now as an after-lunch pick me up. Can you please beam one up to me?

    Congrats on the award. Your blog is most definitely excellent!

  2. Oooooooooh! I totally love the new layout! It’s so sophisticated and sleeky! Now I’m jealous. Hmpf.

    The cookies look so yummy! Being a recipe tester must be a lot of fun. And I agree, some of the best folks ever live in the world of blogs!

  3. Hey !! :)) Soooo AMAZZING..the NEW design!! =))) Mysterious !! Like it !!

    Cookies…Almond Cookies…..souunds and LOOKS incredibly delicious!! :-DDD

    Oh!! Congrats !!! The award is really a MUST for YOU :)))

    Hope to “see” you on my blog too…!! I’d be happy =DD

    Enjoy the time,Shelly!!

  4. congrats on the award, Shelly! you’re blog is excellent, indeed! superw00t!

    i love your new layout, too!

    those tea cookies look absolutely divine! i want to shove a million of them into my face and be the happiest girl EVER! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  5. Aw, Shelly, thank you so much for that beautiful and very eloquent intro. (And glad you liked the cookies–yours look downright plump!!) I do feel the same way about toi, my dear. I think the blogging world is phenomenal, to bring people like you into my life! Come visit, already!! 😉

    PS Cool new look here 🙂

  6. un nouveau look, j’adore! bien adapté à halloween, même.
    les cookies sont superbes, Ricki est géniale, et tu mérites bien le award.
    quand, en Janvier?

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