Vegan MoFo Day 17 – Birthdays, a gift and my favorite thing (in my kitchen)

Political aside :

I was so sleepy last night after waking up at 4:30 a.m. to watch the presidential debate that I opted to go to bed rather than write a MoFo post. This might sound weird, but I feel sort of sorry for McWar. Most political analysists agree, he was slated for the Republican nomination in 2000 (save that little “mistake” when he said that he thought that decisions about abortion should be made by women and their families it was deemed better to to get him out of the spotlight, enter Bush). He reminded me of a little Jack Russel trying to play rough with a German Shepard – he knows he probably isn’t going to win, but wants to show us all the fight he has left in him. Let’s just hope the Obama voters don’t get too confident- go out and vote kids!

MoFo Post :

One of the great things about Vegan MoFo (besides having a backlog of blog reading to do) is that the kids are sharing some of their favorite things. I love reading about your favorite kitchen gadgets and appliances, and so I thought I’d share a picture of the thing in my kitchen that I love the most…

That’s right. It’s not a stand-up mixer (though I would love one) or a vitamix (yeah, I’d like one of those, too). It’s my Wonder Woman mug. I use it for measuring, for heating water in the microwave, and for cutting out biscuits. When I was 5, I wore my Fruit of the Loom Wonder Woman Underoos like they were my uniform, and my poor mum had to engage in some serious negotiations to get them in the wash. My mug lets me relive my Wonder Woman nostalgia (dare I say complex?) in a healthy, quiet way. I do try to save the world, but allow me to reassure you, I don’t parade around France in a stars and stripes bikini and knee-high red boots…though that might be fun.

I also use my mug to drink my favorite tea :

Their almond green tea is the most amazing tea I’ve had in a long time. It smells so good, I find myself just giving it a little wiff from time to time when I open the pantry…Does that make me really weird? Since the spring I have been striving to eliminate coffee from my life. I love coffee so so so much, and it hasn’t been easy, but I’m down to about 4 espressos a month. My one raw day a week really helped me break the cycle. But I think the green tea has helped more.

Today is one of my sister’s birthdays. We are only 21-months apart, and as children (and teens) fought like cats and dogs. We are like night and day. She and her husband have a dairy farm, are Southern Baptists, put large signs for whatever Republican candidate is running in their field…you get the picture.

That being said, even though we could focus on everything that divides us, since becoming adults we work very hard to agree to disagree and focus on what we have in common, and we do have much in common. I wanted to make her something special for her birthday, and this is what I came up with :

You might remember this apron that I made for Jen. I loved the retro look and color combination so much that I decided to make the same one for my sis. This was actually my first crack at embroidery (I stitched up the pockets over a month ago…before the leaves even!) Hoping to broaden my crafty horizons, I bought the Sublime Stitching Kit last spring, but it wasn’t until this project that I actually used it (not because it isn’t adroable, just because I am always working on 10 projects at once!). I stitched the pockets using the retro transfers from the kit. I felt much more confident after this first project, and everything I’ve embroidered since have been just things I drew free-hand.

I know that my nieces (ages 11 & 13) will enjoy using this apron in the kitchen as much (if not more) than their mum!

Also (at the risk of embarrassing myself because I’m wrong) I’d like to wish a happy birthday to our Bianca! Joyeux Anniversaire ma belle!


25 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo Day 17 – Birthdays, a gift and my favorite thing (in my kitchen)

  1. Aw shucks! Thanks for the birthday shout-out! And happy b-day to your sister. It’s great that you two can get along despite your differences … I know I’d probably have a hard time with a Republican relative…but then again, my boyfriend’s sister is voting for McCain and save for one drunk political argument, we get along just fine.

    I LOVE the apron. It’s beautiful! You’ve inspired me to go in search of a handmade apron. I believe there’s a local cupcake shop that sells locally-made aprons. I may buy one with my b-day money. I’m not talented enough (in the sewing dept.) to make my own.

  2. I am very different from one of my two siblings. For the longest time he would call me up and tell me when he was eating meat, but now he’s veg too. We are still very different, but I wouldn’t change that for anything.

  3. i love love love that apron! and that almond green tea sounds wonderful. i love green tea…my favorite is a green/ginger combo. which i am sadly out of and our store has discontinued. anyway…i wish i was your sister so you could embroider me cool things! alas, i am stuck with brothers who are not crafty.

  4. You are sooo talented! The apron is gorgeous, and I’m sure she’ll love it! I also love the mug. I bet you feel empowered (in the real sense, not the hokey pop culture sense) every time you use it! 🙂

    PS From what I heard, you were right to go back to sleep. Apparently they both talked about Joe the Plumber an awful lot. But it appeared to be a clear win.

  5. happy birthday Bianca! I’m on my way to wish it to her properly. is that even a sentence? oh well.
    happy birthday to one-of-your-sisters, too!
    I still wish I were Wonder Woman. she was so pretty, by golly.
    and finally: could you be any more talented? I shall call YOU Wonder Woman from now on.

  6. I want that mug!! I looooved Wonder Woman when I was a wee one (still do). I used to have a record with a WW story on it that I listened to over and over again (I’d even act it out now and again as well hehe). I’m also totally digging that apron! I’m all about everything and anything vintage style. Very cute!

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