Raw Thursdays! Jeudi Tout Cru!

This has been a most excellent Raw day…hurrah for Raw Thursdays!

I started the day off with some “Purple Porridge”, a slight twist on Shazzie’s “Pink Porridge” from The Complete Book of Raw Food. According to the recipe it serves two people, but I halved the recipe, and it still made a huge amount, about 2 servings I’d say easily. It’s just frozen blackberries, soaked almonds, and some briefly soaked dried apricots all mashed up in the food processor (now, the recipe says you can use a blender, but I ended up having to use both because my blender evidently doesn’t have enough testosterone or something…). I really liked this. I am always a bit leery of the “nut-heavy” recipes because they tend to be so heavy, but I did change the proportions and added more frozen fruit and less almonds which lightened it up… either way – super yum!

For lunch I dined on “Italian Rawzania” with “Sun-Dried Marinara” and “Ricotta Cheeze” from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen. I believe that “Rawzania” is supposed to be a cute, raw-friendly way of saying lasagna, but it just seems awkward to pronounce, frankly.

Luckily, it was not difficult to make, or eat, for that matter. This was really a delicious meal, and I am sure that I’ll make it again. I knew I was a fan of the marinara sauce, but I haven’t yet found a raw faux-cheese that I really like. I’m learning how to play with the recipes to my own tastes, which helps, but I still found the “Ricotta Cheeze” to be, well, weird – and don’t get me wrong, I like weird, but it’s just too something. Not sure what. It did really marry quite nicely with the raw veggies and the marinara, though, and all together it was great. I made this the night before to allow for the flavors to combine nicely, and am very glad I did. It was good at lunch, but it was even better at dinner! The veggies had softened even more and the flavors were really harmonious! (That’s not something I say every day!). Since I’m the only one dining Raw, I will have one piece left over for lunch tomorrow – yippee for me!

My dessert-cum-snack is also from Ani’s Raw, the “Coconut Snow Cake”. The recipe called for a cake base, then a frosting layer, and then a lovely coating of coconut (I just love the coconut!). After tasting the cake I decided that it did not need frosting because it was already über sweet, so I just gave a generous dusting of coconut and voila!

This was the first raw dessert that the Guppy actually liked. She has such a sweet tooth (I have NO IDEA where that comes from, at all…) and loves raw fruits, I thought she’d really like them, but she usually takes a tiny taste and spits it right back out. So, when she asked me for a bite I of course obliged, but was ready for the typical “No, it’s yucky!” which generally follows anything new that isn’t to her liking. She surprised me when she confiscated my fork and smiled, “This isn’t yucky, it’s yummy! I think I would like this now, ok?”, and slyly pulled my plate towards her side of the table. Go figure!

28 thoughts on “Raw Thursdays! Jeudi Tout Cru!

  1. Hello Lady!

    I’m in the process of finishing up a two week raw detox and purchase Ani Phyo’s book not too long ago. I love it! I especially love the “Love the Chick’s Pate” for breakfast. It’s nice to actually see some real photos of the recipes rather than the ones in the cookbook (because if you’re like me the food doesn’t usually look like the picture haha).

    Definitely need to try the Rawzania!!

  2. It so great when kids try something new that you think they won’t like and they surprise you. I agree with you on the Rawzania name but it looks great. The raw sundried tomato sauce is the raw recipe I’ve been wanting to try the most.

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  4. Bianca -You know, I’ve never thought about it! I usually just follow the directions – or eat it all soon enough. This cake has no soaked nuts, and it’s good for about 10 days. Come to think of it, most of the desserts I’ve made so far don’t use soaked nuts, but I do think it depends a little on the quantity of nuts & how long they were soaked – but i’m still pretty new to this stuff, so I don’t really know! You got me thinking, though…

  5. Mmm…again, I need to get that book. That coconut cake sounds so awesome. Question: How long do you keep raw desserts that have soaked nuts in them?

    I’m asking because most books say 3 days, but I refuse to believe that soaked nuts go bad in 3 days. I still have some coconut date balls in my fridge that are calling to me. But I’m scared to eat them. They’re almost 2 weeks old.

  6. that rawzania looks delicious! i know it was good.

    i’ve wondered about eating raw, but i don’t know if i could. i wish i could though it seems like such a nice welcome change of pace.

    the cake looks really sweet and dense…and that porridge looks like purple oatmeal…my kids would love that…the ingredients sound really good!

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