Raw Tuesdays – Mardi Tout Cru! (yeah, I know, it’s Thursday…)

Yes, yes, I know…but I’ve been one very busy Fish! I wasn’t too busy to carry on with Raw Tuesdays, though…just too busy to post about it. As I was discussing with “Bob” the other day, the Guppy started school on Tuesday. I know, she’s only 3! We could have started her last Fall, but Mr. Fish & I decided to give her one more year of toddlerhood (because 2 is just so freaking early!). I actually think it’s great that kids – and parents – have access to free, public education as early as 2 here in France as it makes childcare easier for those who need it, but that is young.

Anyhow, on to the Rawness of Tuesday :

Pre-run I had two “Carob Confections” left over from last Tuesday. They are so yum! I also had a few for a mid-afternoon snack. Now they are gone, however, and that has made me sad 😦 Post run was my new favorite smoothie evah : just tons of spinach, banana, almond milk, about 4 dates and half of a vanilla bean. My spinach from the marché was very “rustic” (big old honkin’ bitter dinosaur-sized leaves) and needed a little sweetness, so I added the dates & vanilla bean. Tasted like a dessert. Cool.

I have no picture of the smoothie, because it was ugly, but look at these:

Des tomates anciennes bios or in the language of Shakespeare, organic heirloom tomatoes. These puppies were huge. Freaking science experiment huge. When I saw the stand at the market, I asked for two tiny ones, because these are like the babies of the huge mamma sized tomatoes they had. How big were they you ask?

Well, how’s about 620g or almost 1 and 1/2 pounds (1.3 to be precise)! I know, tomatasaurs. I enjoyed them in a large salad with some “Sunshine Paté” from The Raw Gourmet for lunch. The “Sunshine Paté” is a sunflower seed-based raw paté which I really liked…and it’s a good thing, because it makes an enormous amount (the better to go with the tomatasaurs, I know). The other good little tidbit about the Paté is it keeps for 12ish days, so we’ve been still enjoying it – because even Mr. “I disdain raw cuisine” Fish has been loving this stuff. Go Ms. Shannon, Go!

These are some Sunshine Rolls before they met with certain doom in our tummies at dinner time. Rolled up with sliced carrot, red pepper, large lettuce leaves, and fresh cut pineapple. You may notice some of the rolls are a little sloppy…I was assisted in my rolling by Ms. Guppy who was very excited about them, because she loves eating nori rolls as much as she loves making nori rolls. The kid’s going to roll me under the table before she hits 5.

And we dipped our rolls in one of the lovely raw dipping sauces from The Complete Book of Raw Food which is the kind of book you want to have around when you’re going to be killing any large, aggressive insects invading your kitchen or defending yourself from home invaders because it weighs a ton. It’s huge, has like a zillion recipes from many different Raw Food Peeps in an anthology-type format. I have only skimmed through the recipes in there, though many of them seem to require a dehydrator which is a big, fat bummer. This dipping sauce was also great with fruit :

It also made a huge amount, so we’ve been snacking on that for the past few days as well.

I am really behind on your blogs…lo siento…but I will be catching up tomorrow (hopefully!).

15 thoughts on “Raw Tuesdays – Mardi Tout Cru! (yeah, I know, it’s Thursday…)

  1. Those tomatoes are so pretty! I see them everywhere and I wish I liked to eat tomatoes… And your daughter is the mastress of rolling! It must be really exciting to witness her enthusiasm in the kitchen.

    Yes, Tim is in France for a long time. He will be in Corsica. Are you near enough to keep an eye on him?! Hahaaaa… He’s trouble. Maybe you could at least spook him. You know, find him and be like “Hey Tim, why isn’t Amy here too?”, but don’t tell him who you are….

  2. Dude! I need those pate rolls…for real. Last time I tried to make raw sushi, I couldn’t get the nori to cut with my knife (b/c my blades are craptastic). So I ate it as a giant hand roll and it was messy and kinda gross….but yours looks good. I like the idea of pate in it.

  3. Yah for Guppy starting school. I too find it funny how young the kidlets are that attend school on this side of the world. I bet Guppy loved being a homebaby for one extra year. When she is a bit older you can let her know that she does a way better job at rolling Nori than K – who is a 34 year old physicist!!! Go Guppy Go.

  4. Tomatasaurs…..Ha Ha Ha!!! I love it! I have some big tomatoes (not as big as yours, though!) at home, too and I need to do something with them ASAP!

    You’re doing so great on your raw food Tuesdays. Glad the Guppy is getting in on the fun!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. those sunshine rolls totally made me smile! they look happy and yummy! w00t!

    those tomatoes are tomatasaurses! ahahahahaa! i love it, Shelly! and the raw dip – mmmmmmmmmmmm! hooray for another rock’n raw tuesday! 😀

  6. Oh please, send Ms. Guppy to me, I need some help to make nori rolls. Your kid sounds like the smartest girl ever.

    As I see I have huge zucchini issues and you have huge tomato issues 🙂 Thank you very much for your zucchini ideas, I think a zucchini bread is an awesome idea, I have never tried this.

  7. these tomatoes are huge! I’m trying to get over it, mais je peux pas. I see tomatoes everywhere now, just like when looking at a light for too long.
    scarred by tomatoes, for life.

  8. Love those tomatoes! The ones I grew look like that, only much smaller, of course 🙂

    I tried the raw pate a few months ago when I was on some other cleanse and loved it, too. But I do remember having lots of leftovers (if only I’d known it would last that long in the fridge!).

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