Raw Tuesdays! Mardi tout cru!

I am still your Raw Connection for Tuesdays…but I didn’t manage to post last night, so let’s just pretend that it’s Tuesday, shall we? Merci!

No surprise here! (Liz, stop drooling! I know how these babies affect you!). This was my almost last one…I might have one more left…that I brought back from my still-not-properly-posted about North American vacation. I’ll probably be making more of these soon to fill in the void. I also think it’s time for me to try to make some other raw bars. I mean, the ingredients list on the Lärabar package is usually like two to three things long : cashews, dates. I must be able to figure this out. And look at my wound! I nearly cut a hunk of my thumb off in a bizarre onion chopping incident. Horrible. Gruesome. I wanted a Dora bandage, but I couldn’t find them in the medicine cabinet…

For lunch I re-visited the Japanese Mushroom soup I posted about here, because I had such great memories of it being delish about two weeks ago. It was delish last time, but this time it left something to be desired. I think my disappointment came from some slight changes I had to make to the recipe – only used one kind of mushroom, you can’t get Braggs here so I fudged my marinade, and while I used sweet white miso the first time, this time I used the darker, evil cousin, brown rice miso. I did manage to eat two big bowls (of mostly mushrooms), but am ashamed to say the broth went down the toilet the next day. I hate the waste, but did figure out what I liked about that particular recipe!

Now for the very cool “new favorite thing” discovery of this installment of Raw Tuesdays :

These delicious little gems are called “Carob Confections” and they are from a raw food book I picked up while in the U.S. called The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon. Nomi rocks. Hard. This is a slim volume but packed with full-color glossy punch. It’s so great to have pictures of the food, and not of the author! (Nomi has a tasteful little pic next to her bio, and that’s it. Congrats on having your priorities straight Ms. Shannon). These were made in like 5 minutes, rolled in almond meal, and devoured! They became my favorite snackie-poo, dessert, and post-run breakfast today. They reminded me more of truffles than anything I’ve ever had, besides truffles I mean.

For dinner, I made some of the Spicy Pecans from Ani’s Raw :

These were simple and delicious, a nice addition to my big, huge dinner salad :

The sweet glaze on the pecans eliminated any need for a dressing, so this is just tons of shredded carrots (I love shredded carrots), corn cut from the cob, batavia lettuce, diced green onion, raw sesame seeds, and yes, you’re not hallucinating, avocado! As most of you know I tend to avoid avocados because though I LOVE them, they aren’t so very local. When I went to the marché (the outdoor market for you kids playing at home) my usual vendor who never, ever has avocados had a huge bin of them and they were 3 for 2E! Let me tell you folks, that’s muy cheap here in France. I caved and loved every luscious bite!

My Raw Summary for this Tuesday : eating raw once a week has really helped me to be more mindful about all the other crap I eat all week long. I like to pride myself in being a healthy vegan, but let’s face it, cupcakes are not healthy. I also like that it reminds my body what true hunger feels like, as it is not to be confused with “being in the mood” for a cookie or some of that warm baguette I just bought.

12 thoughts on “Raw Tuesdays! Mardi tout cru!

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  2. Yum! You just made me actually lust for raw food….that never happens even when I’m preparing for my raw days. I think I really need to make dessert for my next raw day…something like those balls. That would make the detox much better,

  3. You can definitely make your own Larabars! Easy peasy. Start with the proportions in the ,a href=”http://dietdessertndogs.wordpress.com/2008/05/27/flash-in-the-pan-cocoa-nibbles-or-la-raw-bar/”> Cocoa Nibbles and play. (LIsa of Lisa’s Kitchen did those with prunes, I think, and pistachios, and a bunch of other stuff–looked fabulous). And I’m certainly with you on the photos of food vs author idea!! 😉

    Hope the thumb gets better soon–quel drag!

  4. i sh*t you not when i tell you that i just drooled onto some paperwork that was on my desk (in front of me) because your salad made me go “ooohhhh, mmmmmmmmm!” and then drool a little. dayyyuuuuuum – your raw tuesdays are making me wanna have raw tuesdays! sweet awesomeness!

  5. First off, the salad with the avocados looks delicious and I’m so happy for you that you found some (and cheap!) avocados at your market!

    Secondly, I really like your point about eating raw reminding you what hunger feels like so that it doesn’t get confused with having a craving. I am so guilty of eating because I’m in the mood to eat rather than actually being hungry.

    Lastly, it cracks me up that your pet peeve is pics of authors all over a cookbook rather than pics of food. After you mentioned it in this post


    I had to get Ani Phyo’s book and see for myself. There are a serious amount of pics of her in that book. She’s quite pretty, so it’s no wonder, but ever since you mentioned that I now look at cookbooks and think about the content of the pictures! Happily, most cookbooks I have feature mainly pictures of food. I guess my pet peeve is when cookbooks don’t have any pictures at all!

  6. HAHA!!! Yes, you know that I’m drooling over the Larbar (especially since I’m ot of the Cashew Cookie flavor – eek!! I need to stock up!!); and I’m also drooling over the Carob Confections!!! Yum!!!

    Love the summary for this Tuesday!

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