Awards & Recognition

The lovely and creative Jennifer of Small Space Sweets has kindly nominated me for the Brillante Blog Award – merci beaucoup, Jennifer! This is really adorable, and I’m honored that my blog gets to have a sweet little award banner! Do I get to put this on my CV? Just asking. I could put it under “Special Awards” or something like that…

I sat on this for a little while because I think it’s really very difficult passing on an award like this. Nearly every time I sit down to read my preferred blogs, I add someone new, and my reader is a bit like the waistline of the average American – growing bigger every day! I am thrilled to belong to this vast and beautiful vegan blogging community, and it’s difficult to not give the award to everyone whose blog I love (not to mention there are many people who don’t like to play along – which I understand – or who have already been nominated).

So here’s how we play, kids :

First, the lovely award –

Next, another heartfelt thank you to Jennifer, who nominated me for this “sweet” honor.

And here are my nominees, in no particular order at all :

Alice of Alice in Veganland because despite her grueling schedule, she still manages yummy posts.

A-K of Swell Vegan for her beautiful photography, and most recently her detailed posts detailing her raw experience.

Celine of Have Cake Will Travel because we’re getting married some day and you are all invited.

Amy of Vegan Addict because her posts are so fun and tasty.

Avry Yale Kamila of Commune Tested, City Approved for sharing her vegan slice of life posts with style.

Monica our Rural Vegan because her posts always make me hungry (and smile).

Our lovely Texas Vegan of eat’n veg’n who rocks gluten-free veganism, and is probably the coolest vegan mom in Texas!

I need to go share the fun news with my nominees… and get outside, it’s beautiful today!

13 thoughts on “Awards & Recognition

  1. Wow…talk about persevering!!! I commend you for going to all this effort when I for sure would just have said – ok, maybe next month. Ahhhh, the ingenuity of the Daring Bakers!!! Kudos.

  2. congrats, Shelly! i just adore your blog! your posts are fun, your food looks amazing – and i love how crafty you are, too! i love it all! musings from the fishbowl makes me most happyfaced! yay!

  3. i’m not coming. i despise people. wait… do i have to dress up?

    yay hooray! thanks so much for the award! it’s super expensive looking, i hope it doesn’t get stolen.

  4. they’re all invited? jeebus, woman, you’re far more generous than I am!
    just kidding, oeuf corse. they’re all invited.

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