The Incredible Mr. Fish

This is Mr. Fish. Isn’t he just too freakin’ sexy-cute? (I’m not used to the beard, but I think it’s pretty fun). Sadly, he was unable to come with the Guppy & myself on our North American adventure. I’m missing him something awful. So is the Guppy.

The above photo was taken of him playing this festival :

…which I totally missed out on because I’m out of the country! 😦

When we met, Mr. Fish and I thought we’d do a lot of collaborating musically. I’ve been a singer (dancer, poet, papergirl) and he was singing and playing in a band when we met, and the logical “next step” was for us to start writing songs together. The universe laughs at you, though, when you start getting all arrogant and begin planning things… Mr. Fish’s former band broke up (don’t call me Yoko! I really had nothing to do with it.) and our lives took a very different direction.

We did manage one amazing collaboration though :

…and she’s the most beautiful song either of us has ever written!

Go check out Mr. Fish’s band Copernic# on their My Space page if you’d like to give them a little listen!

And here’s a little food p*rn, which has nothing to do with anything, but you know, just to keep the edge off:

This is my favourite way to serve left-over chili the following day – burritos! Just put a little on a tortilla with some soy yogurt (which is like my version of sour cream) and some chopped tomatoes and even for an exceptional treat – avocados! Yum!


17 thoughts on “The Incredible Mr. Fish

  1. Hey there! On the moussaka, it doesn’t make nearly as much as it seems like it would. The recipe says 6-8 servings, but my fat ass turned it into 4. I was afraid the pine nut cream part wouldn’t freeze so well, so I ate rather large portions. But I feel okay about it since it’s all veggies and nut cream…no bread carbs. I mean, there’s potato carbs, which probably work the same way, but….

  2. Well, no wonder you’re so creative! That Mr. Fish is quite the looker–nothing like a guy with a guitar. And the Guppy?? Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest face I’ve ever seen! Now I must go check out that music. . ..

  3. Ooo-la-la! He IS cute 😉 And the Guppy is adorable–ridiculously adorable! I hope you’re having an awesome vacation, even if you’re missing your own Monsieur Hotto (the first time you wrote about Monsieur Hotto, I totally thought you were using code for a hot guy. But then I realized there really was a “Monsieur Hotto.”)

  4. Oooooo….Mr. Fish! Lucky for him, you’re vegan or else you’d probably eat him up ;-). And Copernic# is completely AWESOME! Due to my extreme geekiness, I haven’t bought any new music in years (yes, I’m still listening to CDs of the Psychedelic Furs and They Might Be Giants, when I’m not playing everything classical for DS). But, if I can figure out all this new-fangled tech to download, pay and play Copernic# on my computer (nope, no mp3 player here), I certainly will. But, I agree, the most amazing joint Fish venture is that little Guppy! 🙂

  5. mr. fish is the best! 🙂 what a great picture of him! dan has a beard just like his. took me a little bit to used to, but i quite like it now! and your little guppy is adorable rock’n out!! what a wonderful family you have, Shelly!

    i would have never thought to put leftover chili in a burrito – freak’n GENIUS! hooray for leftovers! i love them the most! yours make for some awesome food p*rn! w00t!

  6. Glad I found your blog too! Just from browsing it seems like we have quite a bit in common. My boyfriend and I are both musicians – he plays guitar, keys and sings, and I sing and play most instruments decently. When we first got together we both expected to be making bunches of music together, then we tried and found out we have completely different writing style! He’s more of a “let’s jam and see what happens” and I’m more “let me figure it all out in my head or write it down first”.

    Your daughter is too cute on the drums!

  7. You sure do have a gorgeous family! My husband is a drummer and I’m sure our daughter will be banging away on his set any day now. Maybe she and the Guppy can get together and “jam”.

  8. Ooh, I love the drums picture. Sooo cute! And avocados really are a treat. They also go really good with sundried tomatoes. Yum! I want to try your sour cream trick with soy yogurt, because it sounds really good.

    Yep, Arizona’s a pretty awesome place — it really was a million degrees there, but there were quite a few rainy hours too. I think that was the bulk of the rain Arizona’s going to get for the entire year!

  9. Mr. Fish is adorable! And so is that precious little Gubby. Love her Rudolph shirt.

    I like to use soy yogurt in place of vegan sour cream sometimes too…especially piled on top of baked sweet potatoes!n

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