Back in the U.S.S…A! & La fête de la Bastille

Holy portion sizes, Batman! I’m back in the land where everything is bigger, newer, brighter & shiner! I am extremely thrilled to spend time with my family, so excited to eat pinto beans, green chilies, or blue corn chips whenever I want to, and to catch Sesame Street on PBS with the Guppy! I haven’t been on North American soil in two years (and to be honest, last time I was here it was for a sad/urgent reason and I didn’t really do any “observing”) and it’s surprising how much things have changed (and yet, have stayed the same). Logically, the longer I live away, the more I find myself feeling like an observer and not at all like a participant, though it is rather strange to get the feeling I’m more of a foreigner “visiting” than an expat “returning” home. So silly all these games of the mind!

I promise I’ll be putting together a little post showcasing the newish or striking things I’ve noticed since I’ve been here (holy inflation, Batkids!). I’m also giving some thought to my future post highlighting the differences between the eating habits of the French and the North Americans. I’m actually in Southern Michigan, which is not “home” for me, but home is where your family is, and that’s where most of my peeps are this summer. I’ll be heading north soon, and will hopefully get to spend at least a day in one of my very favourite countries, Canada. There has been some first rate food and lots of fun so far on my visit, so I’ll need to get my poop in a group and get some photos of all that excitement on the blog post-haste!

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Il faut pas oublier l’égalité! Don’t forget equality!

It’s July 14th and that means it’s the French National Holiday! Tearing down the prisons of economic hierarchy and gettin’ giggy with the people – right on. I’m sorry I missed being home for the fireworks & fun, but I caught this little news story online, featuring one of my favourite French Feminist groups, La Barbe, who denounces the omnipresence of males in positions of power in government, and it made me smile. These women commemorated the holiday by placing beards on the statues of the monument at la place de la République (dear to my heart because I lived just near by). This isn’t the first time they’ve done this:

Isn’t it funny that our phallocentric societies fawn over the workings of men, yet the monuments to their grandure always seem to be graced by the feminine form. Grrr… we still have so much work to do, even when on vacation!

13 thoughts on “Back in the U.S.S…A! & La fête de la Bastille

  1. I woke up to my sister and dad singing the French National Anthem yesterday. I was like, “What on earth?!” So they told me about Bastille Day.

    Sooo, you’re in America now? Come to Texas– it’s just a little plane ride away ;o).

    Comparing the two countries’ eating habits sounds like an intriguing post idea. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  2. Happy Bastille Day and welcome back! Hope you have a wonderful visit despite the many changes (I feel that way every time I go visit my family in Montreal!).

    Can’t wait to read your observations on French vs. N.American eating habits. Oh–and if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Toronto. . . well, I’m ready to bake cookies, is all I’m saying! 🙂

  3. Welcome back to the Midwest! If you’re in the Ann Arbor area, I bet you will find great vegan eats!

    Happy Bastille Day!

  4. Yea for Bastille Day! And yea that you got to come home for a visit. On that inflation note, you ain’t kiddin’! Things have gotten ridiculous in this crazy recession. I’m about ready to up and move to your new favorite country, Canada.

  5. Love the video! No wonder they’re your favorite feminist organization. Know what you mean about feeling like an observer – and I live here full time! Each year I fall farther out of mainstream American life (can’t even watch Sesame Street for lack of TV). Can’t say I miss it much ;-). But, it does make time with my family of origin difficult. Thankfully, I have a wonderful chosen family of friends. Hope you have a great visit with your famil(ies)!

  6. Je ne pourrais jamais te guillotiner ma chère! C’est ça l’amour après tout!
    J’aimerais tant venir te voir… si seulement la Californie n’était pas si loin du Michigan!

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