4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Fridays

  1. Hi Jennifer –

    Because the WTO is (IMHO) evil, this does not even surprise me a little. No matter what conservative propaganda anyone has been force-fed, the WTO is a manicured colonising tool, created to manipulate and keep “the other countires” under the Western thumb. And, how sad that this info buttresses the quote, this idea of feeding even further the already gulttonous Westerner… a sweeping generalization, granted, but how true in many parts of the world…

  2. That is a very good quote – seems like it could have multiple interpretations. The way I took it seems quite true, with the modern state of the Western “food chain”, now when a Western person eats, they may be almost literally taking food out of the mouths of others, and perhaps resulting in their starvation..

    I’ve heard of countries where, because of rulings by the WTO, they had to export their food, while they starved at home. Not pleasant to think about, but reality often isn’t.

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