Jen’s Veggie Nori Rolls For Caterpillars & People, Too!

We love bugs. Spiders. Flies. Caterpillars. Ants. (We love them more when they’re outside, of course!)

Kittee, aka Cake Maker to the Stars, has some lovely caterpillar stories & photos and I was sharing them with the Guppy recently since we are apartment dwellers and even at the park it’s hard to find any really cool caterpillars this Spring (global warming…). She already loves butterflies, and when I told her that caterpillars are “baby” butterflies (everything she finds cute is a baby. Elephants are babies. Cows. Bumble bees, etc.) she really got excited.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m having a few issues getting my dear little Guppy to eat anything other than cookies or bread or raw fruit (before she was 2 she ate EVERYTHING). I involve her as much as I can involve a just-turned-three-year-old, and bring her with me to the market square to help chose the veggies, etc.

We were at the marché and I bought some baby spinach leaves and she said, “Hey, Mumma, I want some leaves, just like a caterpillar!”. Remaining guardedly optimistic I rinsed off a leaf with some water and she ate it, all of it, and said “more, please”!

When we got home it was time to prepare dinner, and I wanted to ride this “leaf” thing as long as possible. Most of you crazy kids know Jen of Veg*Triathlete (who will return to kicking athletic ass after recovering from bobos…:( damn IR list anyway). She has such an excellent “Fuel” section on her blog, and I love letting her plan my meals :). She had some lovely Peanut Veggie Nori Rolls posted and I just had to try them, especially giving that we are all about “leaves” and caterpillars right now. They have the added bonus of being a “hands-on” project-type meal, and we’re all about that!

The Guppy is showing us how caterpillars eat.

First we made the marinade, then we washed & dried the lettuce & veggies we’d be using. For veggies we used thin carrot sticks, green onions, thin-sliced red pepper, pineapple, and zucchini. We put them in a large bowl with the marinade & made sure that everything was well covered.

Next came the rolling part. This was the first time that the Guppy was to participate in the rolling of the Nori. She was pretty excited about it, and she kept calling them sushis. Silly kiddo.

Not sure how many of you have done any Nori rolling with a Guppy-aged kiddo. If you’re ok with everything being sort of all over the place (the floor, your shirt, your pants, the table…) then it’s ok. Heck, I’m messy, so I guess it’s normal for a child to get sloppy- and that’s the fun of the project. Nori rolls are like the finger painting of the culinary world. I just thought to myself, be like the lettuce, just receptive and waiting for all the goodness to be bestowed upon you… (so yoga of meself!)

We saved what as left of the marinated and used it as a dipping sauce. Everything went into the fridge until Mr. Fish came home, then we went to town! It was so good! I wish I could say the Guppy ate three rolls and loved them. She had a few bites then asked for apricots. Oh well. I’ll definitely make these again! Go check out the link to get the low-down on these babies!


19 thoughts on “Jen’s Veggie Nori Rolls For Caterpillars & People, Too!

  1. oh wow! those look soooooo fresh and tasty and AWESOME! i think i’m going to have to give these a try! i can get lots of fresh lettuce at the farmer’s market, too. perfect!

  2. Ricki- ok, I *do* have a cupcake on my blog!! So, while I wish I could totally eliminate sugar, well, let’s say I try to “control its entry” into my home! 🙂 I think that we forget- at least *I* forget- that in addition to just being empty calories, sugar can’t be digested without making itself whole again, and so it leaches those nutrients from where it can…evil, evil evil empire…

  3. What a cutie–glad she enjoyed the rolls! (And you too, of course). Thanks for your comment on my blog re: sugar and leaching calcium. Even though I know sugar is deadly, unfortunately, it still calls to me all too often in the form of chocolate. But good to hear that you’re aware and taking care of yourself even w/o the shocking diagnosis! 🙂

  4. Romina – yeah, I have her participate whenever possible…she has fun, but I wish she’d get hungry!

    Vintage V- I like Caterpillars, but that sounds a little mad!

    Chocolate Covered V- You little stinker! I can totally picture it!

    Celine- :p

  5. Hello cute Guppy!

    As a little kid, I had a fascination with bugs and creepy-crawly critters. My favorite Christmas present one year was a big box of plastic bugs– no joke!

    (Of course, one of the reasons I liked the bug box was that I could leave little “surprises” around the house and scare my family members!)

  6. I was in Naples, NY this past weekend and there were caterpillars EVERYWHERE! To the point where they were falling off of the trees and climbing on your body. They were cute fuzzy lil’ guys.

    Mmm..I need to make me some nori rolls very soon. YUM!

  7. I find that getting kids to help you out in the kitchen excites them about eating it later. I would’ve eaten those rolls nonethless!! YUM!!

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