Make Your Own Vegan Beauty Products: Sweet & Simple Sugar Scrub

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get a wee bit ticked off at the “health and beauty industry”. Maybe more than sometimes. Often. Let’s not even get into the twisted manipulation of young people from the earliest age possible, distorting body image and creating a non-existent need for ridiculously over-priced, gratuitously invasive, (most) often un-necessary products. We quite literally buy into the fallacy relatively early – I remember well buying my first skin cleansers, toners & astringents, etc. with my hard-earned paper-delivery-chica cash when I was 9. My mom was willing to supply me with soap, washcloths, even that facewash that begins with a big N, but I had seen the commercials inserted towards the latter half of the Saturday morning cartoons. I knew what would work, and knew I had to have it. Didn’t I already have a pimple on my nose?

And so it begins, our seeming “dependency” on cleverly-marketed products which will help us look like we’re supposed to look, you know, according to them, the people who make all these nebulous decisions for us…

ça sent bon! that smells good!

But the manipulation is more insidious and far-reaching than we often realize. Those of us who are looking for environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free products often find what we are looking for, but with price tags often showing significantly higher prices than their chemically-laden counterparts. So-called green products are often just the objects of skillful marketing, and clever packaging- add some essential oils, slap it in a recycled paper box and voila! Tree-huggers will love it! Well darn it- that’s just not fair, because really, if these mega-companies would just go green, they would, in fact, save money…

We are the revolution, my peeps! While I’m far from suggesting we toss out all our mascara or make some homemade eyeliner, wouldn’t it feel terribly liberating to make what we can, saving money, resources, and excruciating procedures on animals? Why yes! Can I get an amen, my sisters?

While hanging out over at Amy’s always fun Angry Chicken blog, I spotted her sugar scrub that she nabbed from RecipeZaar and got a flash-back to an amazing-smelling shower scrub I used to use from time to time back in the States. Feeling inspired (and inwardly thrilled because I knew I had all the ingredients) I got to work (which took all of two minutes, maybe less). Personally I would suggest using a glass jar because it won’t absorb the essential oils (meaning you can re-use it for other things or other fragrances). I also found that another 1/4 cup of sugar was necessary because I found it a wee-bit oily the first time I used it. I added mint, bergamot and lavender oils this time around… and it was just as lovely as the very expensive sugar scrub I used to get for birthdays or holidays back in the day. I’m also a lotion-after-shower gal, but when I use the scrub, I don’t need it. Amy also blogged about these fun-looking bath melts that I really want to try.

Here’s to sweet-smelling showers…

10 thoughts on “Make Your Own Vegan Beauty Products: Sweet & Simple Sugar Scrub

  1. So true! – It’s exhausting sometimes, trying to find decent, safe products that haven’t had animal byproducts slipped in, not to mention toxic chemicals – and then, just as you said, you almost always have to pay a premium. I’ve always loved the idea of making your own stuff – this sugar scrub looks good enough to eat 🙂

  2. VeggieGirl- yeah, “health & beauty” products don’t always = health or beauty for that matter.

    Katie- You’re so sweet, thank you. And I know you have never touched a drop of hooch in your life.

    Natalie- I know, it’s all so expensive trying to not support the evil empires out there…I hope you like the scrub!

    VintageV, Jen & Amanda- thanks, and yeah, you should totally make some! So easy, so yummy smelling in the shower!

    A-K – I know what you mean about Dr. H- thankfully I don’t wear much make-up, because damn, the good doctor must be sitting pretty. I don’t think I’m ready to make my own mascara just yet, though 🙂

  3. this is a great post! i splash out more than i’d like to on dr hauschka face stuff (but it’s one instance where i don’t think it would be cheaper to make my own)… but this salt scrub looks like something i could get into making. it would also make great gifts!

  4. I cannot wait to try this! Thank you so much for the links as well! I’ve used another “fancy” brand, but never thought of making my own. I will now!

  5. Shel – This looks wonderful. I love scrubs… I’ll have to look into what oils would be helpful to my eczema.

    I agree, I pay a fair bit for organic free trade cosmetics or healthful more natural products not tested on animals. It’s amazing how some of this stuff can be so expensive.

    Thanks for giving me a way to save some money and save a piece of plastic from recycling.

    Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go

  6. Hey, but wait… I was sober ;o). I’ve never been drunk in my life lol.

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment about my blog. I think yours is pretty darn terrific as well. Your writing style is so eloquent; like this current post—you can definitely get an “Amen” from me! (I understand completely about your acne-cream experience. Like many girls, I bought my first bra in fourth grade. Ummmm why?!)

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