The Stray Cats

Permettez-moi de vous présenter :

Sacha, Lou & Princess Angel Kitty
(As named by the Guppy)

I am an ever-evolving Fish. From time to time I look back on who I was 2, 5, or 10 years ago, and I have to laugh at the way everything twists and turns and changes. Up until about 3 months ago the only reason I’d ever picked up a sewing needle was to attach my point shoe ribbons or elastics, and that was because I had to. I didn’t sew loose buttons, they just sort of fell off and whatever sorry shirt they’d belonged to made it’s way to the back of the wardrobe rotation. I brought my pants to be hemmed by professionals, even though I should have used the money on something else. I didn’t even own anything vaguely resembling what could be called a “sewing kit”.


Things change, thankfully, and now I feel like I just can’t master stitches fast enough or find the time to make everything I want to.

My first real attempts at hand-sewing : “Pointy Kitty”, a free down-loadable pattern from one of my favorite “crafty” blogs Wee Wonderfuls. There are always great photos and wonderful ideas, plus lots of softy patterns to be had (some free, some not). Ms. Lang is one of those neat and talented Fish that you wished was your sister or your neighbor. She’s always got a tons of nifty ideas and projects going and has a very subtle, muted style which is so nice in contrast to the neon-plastic world of today. Even if you’re not of the nimble-fingered, her blog is a pleasant respite from the rush-rush-rush.

hola.jpg pk1.jpg

voici-sacha.jpg lou.jpg

Lou was my first attempt, and taught me a great deal. Princess Angel Kitty & Sacha are for my niece & nephew’s birthdays (which were, er, a few weeks ago) and Lou has adopted the Guppy. Or vice versa. Now I just need to send these kitties state-side without crushing them.