An Om Moment… and some Vegan Fudge, too!


30 Days of Yoga: Day 3

Today is the first time I’ve done yoga with the Guppy. When she was a wee little fish she would sometimes watch me, but we had never shared the mat before.

An interesting experience.

It was perhaps not the most classically zen moment, but she was thrilled to be sharing this moment with me, and our 20 minutes of oneness were probably more intrinsically zen than I know.

(That being said, I do hope to be doing solo yoga tomorrow.)

Another way that many folks get their zen on is from some form of chocolate, like, say for example some delicious (and far easier to make than maintaining good alignment in down-dog with a 2 year-old swinging from your hips) Vegan Fudge! (Trust me, the fudge is wonderful, the exact opposite of the quality of this photo…)



If you’ve not yet been to Shmooed Food, the fantastic blog by Jennifer McCann, author of the famed Vegan Lunchbox (which I would so love to get a copy of!), well, you’re missing out on one of the greatest Vegan Foodie blogs out there. Tons of great recipes & fab pictures (unlike the blurry mess of fudge above…go check out the recipe & the picture).

The fudge was very quick to make and rated high on the yummy factor. Mine was a bit slushy and didn’t really harden (which didn’t keep anyone in the Fish household from partaking), but I didn’t add any vegan marshmallows, and I think that would have helped gel things up nicely.

While wasting time and not getting things done scouring the Shmooed Food blog, I was drooling over her Vegan Twinkie recipe, and I just don’t think it’s possible to tell you how much I enjoy devouring inhaling eating Twinkies. This is something I just have to try. I’ll keep you posted…

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