Super Soup & Roasted Garlic!

Still toying with my Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook, I opted for a soup recipe yesterday, going for the ”White Bean and Roasted Garlic Soup”. It’s rainy and cold, and there is something so comforting about piping hot soup, steam rising up from the bowl, warms you up just looking at it. Plus, with a bean soup, you know you’re going to get something hearty and meal-like, which is also a good thing when you’re feeling lazy and not particularly interested in making multiple dishes for your meal.

I really like soup. I love soup even. Some folks are just not soup folks, and Mr. Fish is not, helas, a fan of soup. Because we are just a family of three, and the Guppy not having a huge appetite, if I do venture to add some soupiness to our lives, I often end up being solely responsible for the eating of said soup, which is ok, but because many recipes make enough for small villages, it gets old, even if you do like it.

Well guess what? He liked it, Mr. Fish really liked it. Seriously, this soup was so darn easy & quick, and it would have been even less ‘work’ had I used canned beans rather than dried- but even with the cooking of the cannellini beans, frankly, it was a breeze, and as an added bonus my soup-disdaining husband said ‘yum!’ more than once while dining. The neat thing for me about this recipe was that it called for roasted garlic (hence the name), something totally basic but entirely undiscovered as of yet by the Shellyfish. How easy! And how delish! Now, it did take up about 25 minutes of my day (during which time you can do, gee, I don’t know, about a billion things), and it added so much dimension and flavour, I was really pleasantly surprised. I don’t know why, but roasted garlic seemed so mysterious, so ‘grown-up cooking-esque’ to me. One of my past favorite haunts in the U.S., The Cup Café in Tucson, used to serve a lovely dish with roasted veggies & I would lavishly spread the roasted garlic cloves which were just bursting from the bulb on a lightly-toasted baguette tartine. It was so sensual. I know I’ll be roasting more garlic in the future.

I do admit to fudging on the spices, not out of any sort of free-spirited creativity, just simply because I used my last bay leaf the other day and had none left, and didn’t have any fennel seeds. I tossed in some thyme, rosemary, and I honestly don’t remember what else, and it was just dandy.

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