The Guppy is, of course, the cutest thing in existence, and when I told her to say ‘Happy New Year’ she called out to everyone ‘Happy Reindeer!’ and I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. (Sorry, I’m having a gushing-mom moment, please be patient). Over the course of our New Year’s festivities chez Mr. Fish’s niece, the Guppy also called out ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy Halloween’ and ‘Merry Christmas’- in addition to their French equivalents.

The dinner was a bit difficult for me, not because I don’t like my in-laws, but rather because of the menu. I give snaps to my belle-famille because they try to understand me and why on earth I don’t eat meat, and I know that my dietary decisions are cause for much eyebrow-raising and eye-rolling, but they do try. Mostly. Sometimes. Our New Year’s dinner was catered, and was far from even being a little vegetarian, but they thought they were doing well because there was no red meat involved. Well, there was red meat involved, at least the duck livers they were eating looked red to me, but I digress…

There is an excellent t-shirt on the Peta Store web site that says ‘Fish are not vegetables’. I really need to get that t-shirt.

In their defense I’m not complaining about the non-vegan wine or champagne which I did consume (in moderately large volume, helps make the in-laws seem less like out-laws), so there.

I’m excited about 2008. I love starting over, making fresh-starts and re-dedicating myself to past projects left to the wayside. I feel like I have so many things to do. I was born three weeks early, and once you get to know me it just seems to have been a logical thing. See, I was in such a darn hurry to get out here and get stuff done, I just had to arrive before the bell.

While I still feel very, very driven (to do a zillion things at once) I think my biggest task for 2008 is to be more gentle with myself, and not get so upset when I don’t get it all done. Perfectly. Before everyone else. And still have time to start three new projects. I think this year might be *The* marathon year, and I would really like to learn to knit & crochet. I think those are some good goals. I would also like to get a better handle on our little camera to add some pizazz to my little blog.

So a very happy new year to everyone, bonne année, bonne santé, & une bonne dose de prospérité to boot.