Merry Peanut Butter Cups!

I have been able to share many of my ‘favorites’ from North America with Mr. Fish over the past few years. Many of the things I found myself craving after I’d been here in Europe for a while were things I nearly never indulged in when living on the other side of the sea. Perhaps a sort of longing for the comfort foods of my junk-food-infused youth, I found myself dreaming lazily of birthday cakes, Twinkies, and one of my all-time favorites, peanut butter cups. My super cute mom sends some butter cup minis over every year in her much-awaited holiday care packages, and Mr. Fish devours them faster than lightening.

This year I wanted to surprise Mr. Fish with a special present, and thought peanut butter cups would be a fun surprise. I was a bit amused to see that nearly all my vegan cookbooks had a recipe for making peanut butter cups, though the varying recipes were all quite different. After perusing the cookbooks in the collection, I opted for the most simple and traditional-sounding cup recipe, which was simply titled ‘Peanut Butter Cups’ from Christina Pirello’s Cooking the Whole Foods Way.

The recipe wasn’t terribly difficult, mostly calling for melting the chocolate chips and peanut butter, etc., and the cups were ready in no time at all. Now, I of course used dark chocolate so that my peanut butter cups could be truly vegan, but the peanut butter cups were really very rich, too rich to be completely honest. They were indeed yummy, but even for someone with an ardent sweet tooth like Mr. Fish, it was impossible to eat more than one at a time. Coupled with a little tasse of strong espresso, the peanut butter cups were the best, their richness off-set by the bite of the coffee, but I do think that I will try one of the other recipes if I try to make them again. Mr. Fish suggests I make them with milk chocolate next time, which if I am making them specifically for him as a special treat I may, but I try to avoid making non-vegan things whenever possible.