Pre-Christmas with Tata Frog…

Because the Fish Family is still a newish family, we are constantly creating and re-inventing traditions of our own (and borrowing traditions from everyone as well!) One tradition we have it to spend the evening of December 23rd with the Guppy’s Tata Frog, aka Katy, good friend of the Fish Family, and good friend in general. Normally we would meander through town to find one of the many Santas wondering around to give goodies to the kids, but the Guppy has proved rather terrified of Papa Noël this year, so we just opted for a little apéro chez nous, with dinner coming from the newest cookbook acquisition of the Fish Family, Vegan with a Vengeance.

One thing I love about having Tata Frog over, other than her general good company of course, is the fact that she is a vegetarian and doesn’t look horrified when presented tofu or when told her dessert was made without eggs… refreshing. In honor of our 23rd I opted to prepare Green Thai Curry. I love curries. I think I could eat a curry a day for the rest of my days. My holy grail is the recreation of number 64 from the menu of my very favorite Thai restaurant in the world. My quest continues, but I must say this tasty little curry is darn close to the real thing.

Tata Frog isn’t a huge fan of burning tonsels, so I toned down the spice, but even sans feu, it was delectible, no disputing it. Now I know many people will say that making curries is about as easy as making toast, but really, there are many nuances in toast making, just as there are in curries, so just back off you detractors. Many of us vegans- or just slow-food & whole food advocates- strive to make healthy home-cooked meals, but lack the time, skills, or kitchen equiment oft necessary to pull of a week of healthy meals. This recipe, with its quiet sophistication, allows for pauses due to phone calls, spilled juice cups, and other inevitables, while still being delicious. Hourrah!

For dessert we induldged in the Coconut Heaven Cupcakes which were indeed heavenly. I do love cupcakes, though I nearly never make them (I think I avoid making them, because we will indeed devour them). Not at all difficult, this recipe was clear and the results memorable. I tinted the frosting red for the holidays (though it finished a bit more pink than red), and marvled at the

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