Not so sure…

Okay, that could be the title of my life much of the time… no, that’s not fair, there are many things of which I am more than certain: the love of my family, the selfish nature of most capitalists, the twinkle in Baby-fish’s eyes when she laughs… these things I do not doubt. The actual trajectory of my life, however, has often left me wondering just what exactly am I doing?, or more often, in which order do I want to do them?

I digress.

What I am not so sure of is the purpose of this blog. I initially wanted to create a groovy mostly-vegan food blog to swap recipes & ideas with other like-minded folks out there. I also thought it would be great to eventually swap stories & ideas with other vegan parents & vegan athletes (or trying hard to be athletes). Now I’m finding that I am having a difficult time organizing my life so that I can get things up and running as I’d hoped (before the beginning of 2008, I mean, can you believe it is going to be 2008?). I think we’ll just take things as they come and take stock in a few months to better decide what this blog is really about.

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